Japanese tech journalist teases “revolutionary” SEGA news in June 4th Famitsu magazine

In a YouTube live stream, Japanese tech journalist Zenji Nishikawa has teased what he calls a “huge scoop” for the June 4th issue of Japan’s Famitsu magazine. He calls the news “revolutionary” and claims it is on the level of Wired’s PlayStation 5 article. What more, it will “rile up the games industry”. Nishikawa says he interviewed a company executive and technical staff, and later let slip that the company in question was SEGA.

Nishikawa has said it is NOT Dreamcast 2. With SEGA’s 60th anniversary on June 3rd, it does line up with the June 4th issue release. We will have more news soon on this big announcement! What could it be? Speculate in the comments below.

[Source: Gematsu]


23 responses to “Japanese tech journalist teases “revolutionary” SEGA news in June 4th Famitsu magazine

  1. BoysManMan says:

    The hype is real, but I wonder what kind of huge tech-related announcement could come from Sega that would rival the reveal of PS5?

  2. Batman says:

    Considering it’s Japan, a Saturn mini? But even if that would be cool, it’s not THAT big of a deal to live up to the hype.

    • Batman says:

      Hmm….What if it’s deal with Microsoft that makes SEGA an exclusive game developer for Microsoft’s consoles and Windows 10?

      That would be big news in Japan at least.

    • Batman says:

      Thinking more about it, a Microsoft deal WOULD live up to the hype that it would rile up the industry (in Japan at least). But if you are SEGA, how do you spin this to being a good thing to fit with the 60th celebration? Monetary wise, of course it would be a good thing. But for the random Japanese SEGA fan, it wouldn’t be and leave a bitter taste in the mouth ill fitting of a 60th celebration.

    • Batman says:

      Thought even more about this, the obvious choice SEGA would do to counter the backlash would in that case be to announce that now with Microsoft’s backing they can afford to release games that they didn’t think would be big sellers and announce a bunch of sequels to old games that hardcore fans have been clamoring for.

    • LenticularLeo says:

      What is this obsession with buy outs from you people?

      Why would SEGA even want to be bought out in the first place? Why would Google want to buy them? Buying them also means investing in them.

      Sega have absolutely no reason to be bought, they are fine as a completely independent 3rd party which means they are not restricted to one single platform. Sega is part of the conglomerate Sega-Sammy Holdings company, there have no reason to leave all that behind.

      Plus Microsoft is a Yank company, SEGA is a foreign company, and the historical rule that still exists is that no American Yank company is allowed to buy a Japanese/Asian or UK company in most cases, buy outs are a mostly Americanised thing culturally, as Americans do not have the same values in corporate ethos and culture etc.

    • a real Sega fan, not a mark says:

      Yes Sammy can sell Sega properties to Microsoft like Toshiba sold it’s tv business in America to a foreign company. Microsoft and Sega would be a great partnership as Microsoft’s own software powered the Dreamcast. Why are SEGA fans are so fearful of Microsoft yet Microsoft has historically been a great partner with Sega? The last time I checked, Microsoft is the company that is trying to preserve gaming history!

    • Senjav says:

      @A real Sega fan, not a mark. A partnership and a buy out are not the same thing, it sounds like you would prefer a buy out but think it would just be the same as a partnership merger, like what Sega and Sammy have, Sammy also does not own Sega, Sega is the foremost company in that merger, that’s why it isn’t called Sammy-Sega for example.
      It would be good to have all of Sega in one place but if it was a buy out and not a partnership, that would be a relationship similar to what happened to Rare and Microsoft, where Microsoft would call the shots on everything, and look how that turned out with Rare, they were once one of the greatest companies in the industries when they were in a partner merger with Nintendo, they were like a British Platinum Games.
      When Nintendo UK moved on from that deal and Rare agreed and went with Microsoft, it ended up being a buy out, they lost their independence and with it, their creativity and Microsoft just assigned them to work only on Kinect projects, now look at the state of them, a mere shadow of their former selves as they don’t have the independence to create something new without Microsoft’s say so.
      It’s not all bad, but ever since then, people have been complaining for years at Microsoft and nothing so far has changed other than just releasing a Rareware greatest hits disk compilation, but nothing else new so far.

    • Ring of Saturn says:

      There would be no backlash as Sega games on gamepass would be able to reach everyone with a smartphone, pc or tablet. The only backlash would be from the “hardcore” Sega fans that don’t know what’s best for the company. Microsoft reaching the smartphone users is more valuable than taking console market share away from Sony.

    • Bumble says:

      It’s sounding to me like Microsoft and sega will announce that sega is being bought up by Microsoft and that the new Xbox will be distributed under sega in Japan and all sega games will be Xbox exclusive big hint Yakuza 7 being on Xbox series x

    • Senjav says:


      Yakuza 7 isn’t an exclusive, it’s already out, the big announcement was just that Sega said they were bringing it out as launch title for the Xbox Series X.

  3. Centrale says:

    Maybe some sort of Mini console that has online functionality for the purposes of purchasing additional games?

  4. Duke the dumpster says:

    Sega’s extensive back catalog will be going to gamepass and the Xbox family including their console and arcade games never before released at home. Expect Model 2, and 3 arcade racers on Xbox since Microsoft can get the car licenses as done with Forza. Sonic franchise will be bought out and exclusive to Xbox to counter Crash Bandicoot on Sony. The new Sonic game could not be announced yet due to this deal. Gamepass will be usable on xbox, smartphones , PCs, and tablets. Yakuza 7 on Xbox is the only known upcoming game on a Xbox or Sony console so a Sony buyout of Sega is already ruled out. Sega games will continue on Nintendo consoles. Sega is willing to be bought out by Microsoft to avoid getting bought by Tencent. Other Japanese companies like SNK, platinum and Marvelous have already been bought. Sega also has history with America being started by Americans.

    • LenticularLeo says:

      You’re thinking too much like a Yank with Americanised ways, where putting the entire identity of a company is based on the console hardware instead of the actual company and all products as a whole including their software.

      Buy outs are pretty much an American culture and Microsoft is a Yank company and SEGA is foreign to America with stronger roots in Japan/Asia and the UK/Europe in particular by comparison, even Brazil has a stronger Sega presence than North America does. America has been Sega’s weakest market overall and still is.

      Plus, as Microsoft is a Yank company, they would not be allowed to buy SEGA anyway, that’s not how it works outside of America.

      America is a big market but it is not the world, it is still only 5% of the globe and Sega has a stronger presence with the other 95% than it does with the 5% of Yanks in America.

    • DuketheDumpster says:

      That is the reason why this is a revolutionary story. Sega’s strong presence in America during the Genesis days brings back so much nostalgia. Evidence is seen through the Sega Genesis mini, the recent success of the Sonic movie and Streets of Rage getting so much attention. And Microsoft is a great platform to join right now as gamepass is being positioned like netflix. 1000s of classic and present sega games on gamepass would mean huge exposure for the entire Sega brand, not only in America but also everywhere else you refer to. Why are you thinking that Microsoft is only thinking about America when releasing their products? They need a company like Sega to reach out to the areas you mention. SEGA can be the dominant brand on gamepass next to Microsoft themselves. Well they essentially will be a Microsoft studio. Imagine an actual Sega arcade being positioned within gamepass where your Xbox avatar walks into it just like walking in the arcade in Yakuza.

      Microsoft also rewards gamepass members free stuff for downloading certain games and getting achievements in them, this would encourage people to try classic Sega games and then be exposed to the brand. Finally, people can discover the greatness of Sega arcade games because of Microsoft’s ingenuity. Undiscovered Sega games can finally reach the mainstream and realize the potential they always had because of this partnership. Why not join Microsoft? After this Microsoft and Sega can start an alliance with Nintendo to overcome not only Sony but greater threats like Tencent and other global behemoths.

    • LenticularLeo says:

      SEGA also wasn’t started by Americans, you’re thinking about Standard Games which is only about 1/8th of what Sega became, plus it was not even founded in the USA, but in Hawaii.

      Sega’s antecedents were among Standard Games, then Service Games Japan, one from Europe and India (Eurasia) but it’s largest was Nippon Goraku Bussan – this was mostly what Sega was before the name change under Hayao Nakayama and David Rosen and the rest of the team that bought out other assets from Bally’s and Gulf & Western, Rosen Enterprises with KSC (CSK Institute) also led by Isao Okawa as Parent Company of SEGA Enterprises.

      Just be thankful Sega isn’t American, because if Sega was an American company, it would likely no longer exist anymore today if it was, so it is nothing to be proud of as it would have either went bankrupt and got sold out and have it’s identity destroyed completely forever, such is the American buy out culture and lack of corporate ethos and culture of maintenance.

  5. Masa Chono says:

    Expect Eric Bishoff to be announced as the new President and CEO of Sega. He will start his tenure by saying he’s buying out Weekly Famitsu and changing the publication name to nWo Japan Famitsu. Journalist Zenji Nishikawa is also shown pictured in this revolutionary issue of Famitsu with an nWo shirt on and Keiji Mutoh will be announced as the new President of Famitsu. The new issue will also have “nWo” spray painted over “Weekly Famitsu.” Bishoff will then announce Shadow the Hedgehog as the new mascot of Sega and there will be a new movie coming out with Shadow the Hedgehog and Damon Wayans.

  6. Vv says:

    excuse me, what is that white/red logo in the article?

  7. Arthur Guice says:

    Maybe the Series S, stands for Sega.. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔🤔 and its a collaborative effort for sega and MS to brand sega in America better and Ms in japan better

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