SEGA and G FUEL team up to release Sonic The Hedgehog energy drink

SEGA has announced that they are partnering with G FUEL to release a Sonic the Hedgehog branded energy drink. Energy drinks are not new to the Sonic brand, as shops like Spencers have carried a classic Sonic branded energy drink for years. The G FUEL drink, however, takes things a step further with a Sonic inspired flavor. No, not blueberry, gummy Peach Rings! Personally, I love peach rings, so this flavor would be right up my alley even without the Sonic association. Sonic’s Peach Rings will be available to purchase for U.S. customers in 16 oz G FUEL Cans at on August 12, 2020.

Additionally, a collector’s focused release of a powdered 40-serving tub and 16 oz shaker cup in a limited edition box will be on sale at on August 19, 2020.

Fans of the SEGAbits YouTube channel might remember a Sonic food promotion video series I did called Fastest Food Alive. The series has been on hold while I attempt to find Sonic 3 LifeSavers (which I just lost an eBay auction for), but this release could very well revive the series!


One response to “SEGA and G FUEL team up to release Sonic The Hedgehog energy drink

  1. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    Sonic Lifesavers for the sequel movie would be nice. It’d be perfect movie snackage.

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