TGS 2020: SEGA Announces Virtua Fighter X Esports

During Tokyo Game Show, SEGA has announced that they will be doing esport events for Virtua Fighter, similar to what they did with Puyo Puyo Champions. They have stated that Virtua Fighter was the world’s first 3D fighting game in 1993 and will be restarted to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the company.

However, it is unknown which game in the series will be focused on the e-sports event, possibly a new game is on the way? We’ll keep you updated when SEGA brings more news regarding the project.

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One response to “TGS 2020: SEGA Announces Virtua Fighter X Esports

  1. Alease Daniels says:

    Jika merunut fungsi primer kaca film pada kendaraan beroda empat berguna sebagai alat penolak panas sang surya yang memiliki kandungan cahaya ultra violet di … silahkan berkunjung ke untuk info selengkapnya

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