Unboxing SEGA’s Astro City Mini and Game Center Style Kit

SEGA released its SEGA Astro City Mini Arcade unit to close out its historical 60th anniversary. Today we will be unboxing and giving you my early impressions of the unit, while I work on a full review that should be up on here by Monday! I also got the ‘The Game Center Style Kit’ which adds a fully functioning piggy bank bottom, stool and marquee with stickers.

What have been your guys’ impressions of SEGA Toy’s Astro City Mini unit?


3 responses to “Unboxing SEGA’s Astro City Mini and Game Center Style Kit

  1. Centrale says:

    Overall, I really like it! The built-in controls are high quality and pretty comfortable even at the smaller scale. I also got the arcade stick and that is excellent (it also detects as a plug-and-play controller on Windows 10). I’m enjoying some games I never actually saw in the arcades, like Arabian Fight, Tant-R, and Dark Edge. Among the games I’ve already played, I’ve been playing Shinobi the most. I noticed that the first boss in Alien Syndrome is a bit different than it was in the US version, definitely no easier though…

  2. Aaron James says:

    I’m enjoying the Astro City Mini as well, for the same reasons Centrale mentioned. I have a couple small quibbles, like not being able to organize the list of games differently, having to press both the coin and start button at the same time to bring up the Mini menu and ‘Virtua Fighter’ runs slow. Still the best home version of it though.

    I got an extra pad, but didn’t get the arcade stick. I didn’t see much of it before the preorder period, so I thought it was a much smaller stick than it actually is. Ah well.

    It’d be nice if they do another Astro City Mini focusing on polygon games.

  3. Deefy says:

    I only bought the Arcade Stick. I must say that it is very robust and, as Central has already said, it is perfectly recognized by PCs with Windows 10. I have already tried it with some fighting games on Steam, and it works like a marvel.

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