Sonic The Hedgehog Sequel Sees a Returning Actress PLUS Filming Locations Revealed

Since we’re all at home, its easy to catch daytime television. On Live with Kelly and Ryan, actress Tika Sumpter guested and confirmed she will be returning for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie sequel and filming will begin in March, 2021. Additionally, the movie will film in Vancouver and Hawaii.

Fans might remember the first movie filmed in Vancouver, which acted as Montana and San Francisco. So it is likely we will return to the small town of Green Hills, Montana. Additionally, the Hawaii location is interesting as it could act as Sonic’s world with some CG enhancements. We’ll know more as filming begins.

[Source: Twitter]


2 responses to “Sonic The Hedgehog Sequel Sees a Returning Actress PLUS Filming Locations Revealed

  1. TKOhh says:

    Nice. I hope the team behind the film stick the landing once more. I’m optimistic that they will. I was pleasantly surprised by Jim Carrey’s performance as Robotnik in the first film. I assume he’ll be back in some capacity, too. I expect Hawaii will serve as Sonic’s home world. Perhaps we’ll spend more time exploring that location in the sequel?

  2. DCGX says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the first movie as a whole. Even on re-watches (the first non-MCU collectors edition movie I’ve purchased since Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. Yeah, that’s how often I buy movies. Gotta get that Best Buy steelbook) I’m constantly thinking, “this shouldn’t work. Somehow this is working.”

    I’m looking forward to the sequel if it can balance its tone like the first movie does.

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