Sonic the Movie 2 eyes Jason Momoa to voice Knuckles

According to the website ‘The Illuminerdi’ Paramount Pictures has officially offered the role of Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to Aquaman star Jason Momoa but the actor is ‘yet to accept it’. I will say that in the past Jason Momoa has been ‘tagged’ in motion pictures that never happen, do you remember that Frosty the Snowman movie he said was 100% made up?

Outside of this rumored info, we don’t have anything new to report as we don’t even know the plot details as of now. What are your thoughts on the idea of Jason Momoa playing Knuckles?


2 responses to “Sonic the Movie 2 eyes Jason Momoa to voice Knuckles

  1. TKOhh says:

    I think Momoa’s gruff voice could fit Knuckles. Momoa’s also a household name right now, so it would be a win to have him attached to the sequel. Time will tell if he accepts the role. I’m a little concerned that they could have too many characters jammed into the sequel. I hope they can pull it off.

  2. legaiaflame says:

    Momoa does not sound like Knuckles. He would have to change his voice completely.

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