SEGA plans to announce a new JRPG during TGS 2021

It seems that SEGA is continuing its trend of making more JRPG games, as its teased during its SEGA Atlus Channel presentation describing it as “Sega’s new RPG”. This new teased JRPG will be fully unveiled on the upcoming Sega Atlus TGS 2021 stream taking place on October 1, 2021 at 10pm JST.

SEGA actually has a pretty rich catalogue of JRPG franchises dating back to the 80s, but it seems that they are going to be adding a brand new franchise to the catalogue. What do you guys want to see from this title?


7 responses to “SEGA plans to announce a new JRPG during TGS 2021

  1. KaneOhh says:

    Though a new IP is a good move, I would like to see what Sega could do with a single-player, heavy narrative-focused Phantasy Star RPG, outside the realm of the current PSO2 offering. If you make something different enough, you likely won’t run the risk of cannibalizing the PSO base. Look at the Final Fantasy lineup.

    • hugoodin says:

      I really want to see a Phantasy star single player too, the graphics and combat of PSO2 new genesis are great. But MMO its not my thing. Imagine a Phantasy star with a good narrative like the yakuza games.

  2. Trezell Whack says:

    There’s a good chance it may on mobile again but it’s better than anything about Sonic

  3. Bertodecosta says:

    Probably it’s Project Re Fantasy they announced two years ago.

    • Gwent says:

      That’s Atlus’ new RPG.

      This one is described as Sega’s RPG only.

      Well know for definate just over two week from now, so time will tell.

      Though they did say at the start of 8th generation they were working on a ‘next gen IP’, maybe that’s what Project Re Fantasy will end up becoming, and this is something else, last year Sega said it was working on new IP that it had planned out for the next 5 years so that could be something else entirely different.

  4. Kyuta says:

    all is possible from Skies of arcadia to Panzer Drangoon Saga or Valkyria Chronicles 5, but I bet this is a new IP probabely from Reiko KODAMA

  5. Senjav says:

    I have to agree on Phantasy Star, a new single player focussed RPG like a Phantasy Star 5 would be a good thing, it’s been some time since Phantasy Star IV in 1994, I think the online play elements are good but making it always an MMORPG was more of a Dreamcast project to capitalise on the fact it was the first dedicated online console and Phantasy Star Online technically became the first large online RPG, but it’s not really a stand out feature these days.

    Though I love what they’re doing with the new PSO2 follow up project – New Genesis (it’s more like a PSO3 than a PSO2 add on), and there’s a massive update coming in the winter which will add another massive part of the map (it’s still in the beta stages so only about 20%+ of the map is currently accessible. But it’s an underutilised RPG in other areas, one of the great things about Phantasy Star is the futuristic space theme, most RPGs were always about medieval themed Dungeons and Dragons style style flair before Phantasy Star took that genre and did something new with it by making it more the opposite of the average RPG of the time and still in many ways, there’s not many RPGs like Phantasy Star to this day.

    I’d also add Skies of Arcadia and Panzer Dragoon Saga to the list, but it’s still wishful thinking as it has been for years and Sega does have a tendancy to do new things IPs rather than cling to the same ones and evolve them overtime.
    If Sega could just get that balance right between evolving classic IPs and establishing new IPs that would be grand, some companies are more one than they other, but it’s good Sega does new stuff as well, Yakuza, Bayonetta and Judgement were all new IPs for example.

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