The SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show LIVE: The Pri Fun Printer Show

Join Barry and Steve aka Ap0c as they unbox and try out SEGA’s Pri Fun, a printer released in 1994 intended for use with the Pico and Saturn. This episode is extra special as it is the first and ONLY video online showcasing the print process as well as the Virtua Fighter printer pack. Enjoy!

Also, learn more about a charity Steve is helping out in Philadelphia:

Chiptune Cares: A Mixtape for Philly is a big warm hug to the city of Philadelphia. The mixtape features donated tracks from over 20 artists, all with the goal of giving back to the community. In the spirit of a true mixtape, artists were asked to submit ANY track – old, new, previously released – whatever they felt strongly about submitting. The result is a diverse mix of genre, folks, and backgrounds all coming together for a great cause.

All proceeds from this album will go to Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, a fantastic charity bringing peace of mind to Philadelphia during tough times. Please see their website here:

And for direct support outside of this album, please donate here – let’s help get the $1,000,000 goal:

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