SEGA and Capcom announce Monster Hunter x Sonic Frontiers DLC

As the release of Sonic Frontiers approaches, SEGA has been revealing bonus content fans can enjoy on and after the game’s release. We’ve already seen the return of Soap shoes, and now we have our first collaboration DLC! Anybody who owns Sonic Frontiers will receive free DLC on November 14th which features content from Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise. Sonic can dress as Rathalos and Felyne Rathalos and a meat grilling mini-game will be added which will help Sonic power up. To celebrate the collaboration, SEGA and Capcom’s respective art teams drew up some fun artwork featuring the two franchises.

This DLC is exciting, as it gives us an idea of just how far SEGA can go with the game’s DLC. Sonic being able to wear a full costume opens up so many doors for future content and the addition of a mini game shows us that SEGA is open to expanding gameplay with future DLC.

But the question remains, what is Sonic cooking?


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