Vtuber Kson confirmed to appear in Like A Dragon Gaiden as a hostess

Recently, RGG Studio revealed the five winners among a group of women who auditioned to appear as hostesses in the upcoming Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. This is something they have done many times for earlier Like A Dragon/Yakuza games, with the winners usually consisting of actual hostesses, gravure models, and even porn actresses. This time, one of the five finalists is especially significant. Well known Vshojo idol, and longtime Like A Dragon fan, Kson was ceremoniously confirmed to be among the new hostesses in Like A Dragon Gaiden, much to her excitement and the excitement of many diehard fans of hers.

Find out more about who Kson is after the break.

Special thanks to Sakura Ch. for their translation of the above clip from RGG Studio’s official livestream where the five wining actresses were revealed. (EDIT: Sakura Ch. has deleted their clip. I’ve replaced it with a tweet from the RGG Studios Japanese twitter showcasing the winners. Kson is on the top right.)


So who is Kson? She is a bilingual virtual youtuber character who is part of the Vtuber agency Vshojo, which is also home to other well known Vtuber stars like Ironmouse, Projeckt Melody, and Nazuna Amemiya. According to her official backstory on Vshojo’s website, she was formally the leader of a Japanese biker gang. As of this writing, she has over 1.25 million subscribers on YouTube, over 280 thousand followers on Twitch, and over 750 thousand followers on Twitter. Unlike most Vtubers, Kson is also known to occasionally stream her real self on camera, so her actual identity is still well known. Her real self will appear in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

Kson IRL doing her captivating bancho squat

Most Vtuber fans will also know her voice and attitude from former Hololive star Kiryu Coco. Coco was a dragon woman and a yakuza matriarch. This, along with her name, was all inspired by longtime Yakuza/Like A Dragon protagonist, and the protagonist of Like A Dragon Gaiden, Kazuma Kiryu. Kiryu Coco graduated (Vtuber term for stepping down from one’s agency, derived from Japanese idol culture) from Hololive in July 2021. She immediately resumed streaming independently as Kson from then on and later joined Vshojo’s lineup.

Kiryu Coco

Kson has long been a devout fan of the Like A Dragon series of games and has streamed most, if not every, game in the series, both as Kson and Coco, throughout her streaming career. She had long wanted to be involved with the games in some way, in fact, she had applied to become a hostess in one of the games for at least 6 years. On top of that, this current contest for hostesses will soon award one of the five chosen women a hostess role in Like A Dragon 8, so it may soon be possible Kson will appear in that game as well. The winner will be announced alongside that game’s official reveal later this year, so we’ll just have to wait and see. (UPDATE: She won that role too.)

Look forward to seeing Kson in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, which is still on track to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Steam in 2023. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited about the game or Kson’s role in it.

This is also not the first time a Vtuber has appeared in a Like A Dragon game, actually. Fellow Vshojo idol Nyatasha Nyanners has appeared in the recently released Like A Dragon: Ishin! as a special guest Elite Generals Trooper Card. Perhaps you have already obtained this card if you have played the game?

Edit: Just one day from this article going live and suddenly Nyatasha Nyanners is no longer a fellow Vshojo idol.



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