Watch sexy Asian girls audition to be in Yakuza 5

SEGA has now launched the Miss Yakuza 5 auditions for all those women that want to be in the game as a hostess. SEGA is ready to crown a ‘Miss Yakuza 5’ from each of the game’s five cities. Yes, Yakuza 5 will have five cities. Did you miss the news? Read up here.

Each city will have 3 girls, so people will get to vote for one girl in each of the five cities. You can play vote on the audition campaign site.SEGA will also do a new promotion where the girls, over the coming weeks, will introduce internet viewers to each cities. Showing people local cuisine and other activities.

SEGA promotes Yakuza of the End, gives out dates with hostess

[The unlucky ladies]

If you are like me, you probably aren’t very good at the hostess bits in the Yakuza games. Guess what? SEGA is giving you a chance to fail at attracting hostess in real life.

SEGA is teaming with Naimaga to give 30 fans one-on-one time with Erika Mizushima and Yuria Hayashida, two hostess from the game. The winners will be able to dine for 45 minutes with the girls.

Yes, SEGA will be paying for the beer and all you can eat edomame.
If you are from Japan and you think you have a chance. Enter here. Bottom has their in-game models.

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Yakuza 4 hostess turns porn actress

So after spending hours and hours trying to get this hostess to look at me in a positive light, she goes and turns into a porn actress? Is it even called acting? I feel cheated, I want my high end jewelry back.

Elena Aihara has debuted her 225 minute epic pornography dvd, where they actually film inside a hostess club. Yes, I guess she got this gig due to Yakuza 4. You can view product page here, its safe for work unless you click on the cover of the DVD.

Below is pictures of her in-game in Yakuza 4.

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Yakuza 4 gets hostess trailer & demo date

Those people that missed chatting up the hostess girls in Yakuza 3 will be glad to know that they are back for the fourth installment. Don’t believe us? Check out the trailer!

As for the demo, it will hit PSN on February 15th… if you are a Playstation Plus subscriber. For some reason, they thought it was a good thing to make this demo timed exclusive. Rest of us have to wait till February 22nd, a week later.

[Source: SEGA]

Yakuza hostess voting – First Week Results!

It’s the moment no ones everyone’s been waiting for! Week one results of the Yakuza 5 hostess results.

The results are as follows,

1. Satomi Tateishi – She could get revenge!

2. Haru – She took second place with her enigmatic charms.

3. Ai Sakura – The Agejo maid is in in third place.

4. Yuka Ohnishi – She was apparently cheered on by soccer players. Yuka is a soccer coach.

5. Saaya Kawai – A nail stylist who loves the Yakuza series.

So there you go… One step closer to knowing who we’ll all be fapping over in Yakuza 5.

-Stolen from SegaShiro

Vote for the next Yakuza hostess models

So I hear you like walking the streets punching wayward youth in the face and looking at boobs? Who doesn’t? Well good news for all of us! There’s more Yakuza on the way in the form of Yakuza 5 aka ‘That one with Goro playable‘ and with Yakuza comes hostesses to harass. (Apart from in Yakuza 3 lol.)

It’s that time again, Voting time! Sega have picked 16 of the most creepy beautiful looking girls Japan has to offer. It’s up to us mouth breathing, neck bearded internet nerds to pick which one we’re least likely to sleep with.

Check them out and vote HERE!
Alternatively you can see full body shots and info in English HERE!

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Hostess clubs to return in Yakuza 4

In the West, Yakuza 3 had cut content like Hostess clubs; but in Yakuza 4 they will return. AAUK from the SEGA Europe blog has confirmed it.

I don’t know all the ins and outs of the game at this stage I can at least confirm to you that the much loved Hostesses will return in Yakuza 4 in all their alluring glory.”

This is great, especially for those that want the full experience when they buy their games.

[Source: SEGA Blog]