Sonic Superstars opening animation, gameplay footage and development studios revealed

Following the reveal at Summer Game Fest 2023, a demo of Sonic Superstars is now available to play at the event. The footage gives fans a lot to chew on. First, the opening title screen which harkens back to the Genesis/Mega Drive days. Second, the opening animation which is very Sonic Mania and Sonic Origins in style. Third, a look at returning villain Fang and a new villain which appears to be some furry animal in a metal lizard suit.

Fourth, the names of the development studios: Sonic Team and Arzest, Arzest being Sonic designer Naoto Ohshima’s studio which also worked on Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for the 3DS and Balan Wonderworld. Ohshima was previously announced as returning to the series with character design contributions, though it is possible he and his team are contributing more than just design work. Fifth and lastly, there is a lot of gameplay footage which gives fans a good idea of how the game looks and plays. We will let you do your own YouTube searching for videos, but after the break we have a short one giving a nice overview of different moments in the game.


3 responses to “Sonic Superstars opening animation, gameplay footage and development studios revealed

  1. Mac User says:

    A new character is coming along with Fang returning.

  2. Rhys Dillane says:

    Sonic Superstars seems like a good way to refresh the hope for Sonic The Hedgehog 5

    P.S My website is still under construction

  3. Ren says:

    Could you post the gameplay trailer.

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