SEGA titles appear in CESA awards for TGS 2011

SEGA managed to help themselves to two awards at the conclusion of the Tokyo Game Show. Both Binary Domain and Phantasy Star Online 2 were 2 of the 11 that picked up Future awards at CESA’s annual awards. The award is handed out based on popularity and is perhaps a good indication for what to expect from sales for both SEGA’s futuristic shooter and large scale online adventure game.

[Thanks Suzuki Yu for the tip!]


2 responses to “SEGA titles appear in CESA awards for TGS 2011

  1. Richard says:

    Sega in the last 5 years are starting to get back on track , with them publishing platnum games has been a extremely smart move as japanese sales have increased for them, and with sonic 4 and sonic colours and the upcoming sonic generations game, the future once again is looking good again for the blue hedgehog. And with 2012 just around the corner sega looks to be driving full speed with phantasy star online 2, anarchy reigns , it makes me glad that sega will always be number 1 to me. Still wish they reconsider making consoles again but as long i have their games , im happy 🙂

  2. crazytails says:

    Binary domain deserves it

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