SEGA News Bits Live: New SEGA Games Announced + Trailer Breakdown

SEGA revealed five games currently in production from classic franchises, and on this SEGA News Bits Live your boy Barry “Yo yo!” the Nomad breaks down the trailer and details new information from SEGA on this initiative!

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One response to “SEGA News Bits Live: New SEGA Games Announced + Trailer Breakdown

  1. Centrale says:

    A couple of things I noticed… you can see Beat climbing the lamppost in one clip, so it looks like that will be a new ability.

    The police cars in Crazy Taxi – there are at least two kinds, and we’re seeing them from the player’s perspective at times. Also, the street signs appear to say “Undecided” so I guess they’ll be naming those later in development.

    In Shinobi it looks like the characters have the same kind of dynamic rim lighting effect that we saw in Streets of Rage 4, so that is another indication that it is likely LizardCube’s work.

    It’s funny because as I resignedly opened up an article about the Games Awards this morning, I briefly thought to myself, if there’s no news about Jet Set Radio, I guess it might have been cancelled. Today feels like Sega Christmas to me!

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