New details emerge for upcoming Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games

A recent SEGA Sammy Holdings Inc. report has revealed new details for the upcoming Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games. First up, Jet Set Radio will see an open world setting and will allow players to make friends, increase their fans and “create a movement”. Fans speculate that this is a nod to the recently revealed news that Jet Set Radio is likely to be an online “games as a service” title. It is likely the friends you make will be real, and the fans you make are either other online players or the amount of graffiti you leave around town will increase your popularity and in turn your street cred. The in-game graphics show Beat in addition to returning characters Cube and Gum, who were also in leaked artwork earlier this year.

Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi sequels likely Super Game releases based on SEGA website updates

Based on revised recruitment pages, posted on ResetEra by SEGAbits community members Dooble and Suzuki Yu, it appears that the upcoming Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games revealed at the Game Awards will fall under SEGA’s Super Game initiative. SEGA’s division 3 is the online division, which through interviews has been said to focus on the Super Game releases. Jet Set Radio’s staff was moved from division 4, the mobile division, to division 3. Division 3 has been confirmed through interviews to be focused on GaaS (Games as a Service) and currently handles Phantasy Star Online 2. This would mean that both titles are likely to be online and potentially online only, much like PSO2. They would also be high budget triple-A releases.

This would align with SEGA’s decision to send announcement postcards to Twitch streamers, who are more likely to give GaaS titles attention, rather than fan sites like SEGAbits who are more aligned with traditional games and account for a majority of the Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio fanbase.

SEGA News Bits Live: New SEGA Games Announced + Trailer Breakdown

SEGA revealed five games currently in production from classic franchises, and on this SEGA News Bits Live your boy Barry “Yo yo!” the Nomad breaks down the trailer and details new information from SEGA on this initiative!

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Former SEGA employee portfolio reveals Crazy Taxi 4 pitch

The classy people over at Sonic Stadium have found images from a portfolio of a former SEGA Studios Australia employee Brooke Luder that revealed a Crazy Taxi 4 pitch and the fact that Sonic Classic Collection on the Nintendo DS was originally going to have more games than it did. What games didn’t make the final product? Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast (aka Sonic 3D Flickies’ Island) and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. Sprites from Sonic Spinball and Sonic 3D Blast still made the game’s credit roll at the end.

Also part of her portfolio was a pitch made by the team to SEGA for a Crazy Taxi 4. She created the concept art you see on the header image, showing a passenger jumping from one Taxi to another. We could speculate that this was part of some gameplay mechanic that was pitched by SEGA Studios Australia for a new game.

Another pitched concept that SEGA Studios Australia was part of was a London 2012 Olympic game, but that isn’t as interesting. To see what was on her portfolio, hit the jump.