Sonic the Hedgehog Co-Creator Yuiji Naka Blasts Yu Miyake in Square Enix Shakeup

Looks like there’s some drama brewing on Twitter! Yuji Naka, fresh off his legal dust-up with Square Enix, isn’t exactly stoked about their recent employee shuffle. Apparently, the longtime Dragon Quest producer heading to mobile games ruffled some feathers. But hey, at least the new president seems alright in Naka’s eyes! I guess there’s always a silver lining, even in the land of corporate musical chairs.

Below is a tweet on Yuji Naka’s thoughts on Yu Miyake’s internal transfer within Square Enix:

The following translation was done by Siliconera:

“I feel like saying “Finally, huh.” This person submitted a memo written with lies (and there is proof [of that]) at the trial, so I wish he’d be gone sooner. The person who became the new president may be a good person, even though I had never met him.”

Naka’s tweet spilled some tea. Seems there’s still bad blood between him and Miyake after their court battles. But hey, on the bright side, he seems cool with the new Square Enix prez, that Kiryu fella.

The Sonic co-creator’s time at Square Enix was, well, let’s just say a whirlwind. He joined in 2018, worked on the wacky Balan Wonderworld (released in March 2021), then peaced out a month later. Turns out, things got sour – Square Enix allegedly kicked him off the project six months before launch, leading to a lawsuit in April 2022. But that wasn’t all! Later in 2022, Naka got caught up in some insider trading drama (twice!), landing him a four-year suspended sentence in July 2023. One can only hope he uses his probation period to chill and maybe work on some killer hedgehog games (legally, of course).

[Via Siliconera]


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