SEGA says “Don’t expect any Mini Console announcements this year”

Well, today is the 64th birthday of Sega, so Happy Birthday, Sega! Now, in the past few years, Sega made announcements of new mini consoles on their birthdate, as they had done with the Genesis/Mega-Drive Mini 2 and the Game Gear Micro, so we now we can expect a new one to be announced any second now…….. annnnnnnnnny second now…

Surprise! The announcement is that there is no announcement. According to Yosuke Okunari, as transposed by Twitter announcement translator Gosokkyu, no new mini consoles are going to be announced in 2024.

That’s that. Nothing to see here. Go home, folks. (Or go outside, if you’re already home) (Or you can come with me past the break for a bit more info)

So, here is the exact translated message from Okunari-san:

Speaking of Sega’s anniversary, it’s been exactly two years today since the early #Megadrivemini 2 presentation. I don’t have anything to announce this year either, but I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of things after two years, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching this program again after a long time!

While this does not mean that there are no brand new mini consoles in development, he is saying that you should dampen your expectations if you’re wondering where the next Mini console is. Either they are hard at work on a new one and just need more time before they can show it off, or they don’t have one in the works. It might even be possible he’s not talking about mini consoles at all, even though he mentioned the Mega-Drive Mini 2 specifically and was a major driving force behind both Mega-Drive Minis. No matter what the case may be, we are certain hope Sega will still have some nice surprises in store for us soon.

Of course, Okunari-san also suggests watching the original announcement stream of the Mega-Drive Mini 2, in case anyone forgot any details from it in the two years since it went live. Here it is, still archived on YouTube for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.

Are you disappointed by this non-news? Are you still enjoying the first two Genesis/Mega-Drive Mini consoles, or even perfectly satisfied with those? What sort of mini console do you think Sega should work on next? Do you want to see them make another mini console at all? Do you perhaps want to tell us that you have no opinions to report in 2024? Please tell us in the comments below.

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