SEGA Cinema Halloween Special: Sonic the Hedgehog Double Feature

SEGA Cinema has risen from the dead with a spooktacular boogielicious Halloween Special! Okay, so it’s actually not scary at all. Barry and George are joined by Sonic Retro’s David the Lurker to watch two Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons featuring clowns, ghouls, sea monsters, and a half-man half-sponge who lives in the sea. No, it isn’t Spongebob.

First up is Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog‘s “Boogey-Mania”, which plays out like a cross between NiGHTS into Dreams and A Nightmare on Elm Street. And then, interrupting the Sonic cartoons are a compilation of cutscenes from the SEGA Saturn’s Deep Fear and Mr. Bones. Ending the special is the scariest thing of them all, an episode of Sonic Underground titled “The Deepest Fear” in which Sonic faces his fear of water. Don’t worry, he doesn’t drown and the story ends with an awful song. Enjoy the special, and Happy Halloween!

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My Life with SEGA’s “The Next Level” and “No Limits” – audio commentary edition

Welcome to The Next Level/No Limits audio commentary, featuring My Life with SEGA’s A.J. Rosa, SEGAbits editor Barry the Nomad, and Kori of The Website of the Dead. Here they discuss the process of making the two My Life with SEGA short films The Next Level and No Limits, the Panzer Dragoon series, as well as SEGA’s past, present and future. Expect to find this commentary on the upcoming The Next Level/No Limits DVD. In the meantime, we’re hard at work on the VCD version of the short films, which as previously revealed is to have special SEGA CD/Saturn box art. We’ll have more information on how you can get your hands on that special release very soon!

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SEGA Cinema Holiday Special: Sonic Christmas Blast

Welcome to the third SEGA Cinema! In celebration of the holiday season, Barry the Nomad and Sonic Retro staff members David the Lurker and Bartman settle in around the fireplace, sip eggmanog, and enjoy two episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. The first is the holiday special “Sonic Christmas Blast”, which released three years after the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog aired. The special was planned to be titled “An X-Tremely Sonic Christmas” to tie in with Sonic X-treme. But when X-treme was scrapped, the title was changed to tie in with Sonic 3D Blast.

The second bonus episode is entitled “Sno Problem”, a wintery themed adventure that sees Sonic and Tails taking on Robotnik who has unleashed his Ultra Freeze-O-Matic on mobius. His grand scheme? Watch and find out!

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SEGA Cinema: House of the Dead

*Warning movie is rated R: contains gore, terrible acting and nudity*

**Is the YouTube video blocked in your country?**
No worries, download the full episode here.

Welcome to another installment of SEGA Cinema, where you sit back and watch a flick with your buddies here at SEGAbits. This time we are watching Uwe Boll’s classic ‘House of the Dead‘. That’s right, just in time to celebrate your Halloween night.

We suffered through this, now you have to too!


SEGA Cinema: Shenmue the Movie

Hello and welcome to our new feature called ‘SEGA Cinema‘ where we provide commentary tracks for SEGA related films. For our first film we’re checking out Shenmue The Movie, which was released in Japanese cinema’s back in 2001. Go grab some popcorn and join George, Barry the Nomad and Bartman while we watch some of the best acting that early 2000’s gaming had to offer.