Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games 3DS American commercial

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games comes out for the Nintendo 3DS later this month and since Nintendo is publishing it, that means there will be quite a bit of advertisement on TV. If you don’t watch TV, you can view their North American ad for the game above.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games hits 3DS on March 18th, Wii U version comes out on June 24th! What are your thoughts on the commercial?

Check out SEGA’s new Chain Chronicles English ad

We know that mobile gaming apps have been getting an increase in ads on television and other medias. I mean, I can’t turn on a TV without them cramming those ‘Game of War‘ ads down my throat. SEGA Networks has recently posted the above ad that just happens to be in English for Chain Chronicles, but seems to be aimed for Japanese audiences since SEGA isn’t publishing the game in the west (sadly).

The advertisement was filmed in Chateau de Beloeil castle which is in Belgium. The actual pop-up book used in the ad wasn’t computer generated as you can see in their making of video, which is posted after the break.


Super Monkey Ball 3D Ad

Here’s a very Japanese advert if I ever saw one! The lengthy advert highlights the three game play modes featured in Super Monkey Ball 3D.

The Classic Super Monkey Ball game play which we all know and love. Monkey Race which is a bit of a Mario Kart knock off and Monkey Fight, which is a bit of a Smash Bros knock off… Yeah.

Why they felt they needed to change Race and Fight from the frankly great fun party games they were in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is beyond me but even more strange in my opinion is the omission of Monkey Target, easily the best party game the series ever had. Oh well, maybe next time.

Aliens vs Predator coming to PSN?

So i’m flipping through the manual of Vanquish, looking for whatever I can find. I look at the back to see if there is more artwork and see this AvP ad. I didn’t think much at first, then I saw that it was ‘Available To Download On Playstation Network’.

So I went to the Playstation Store and checked, it isn’t on there. I guess it will be on there and they rushed it to printing. So, fair warning, if you want a digital copy of the game, its coming. If you work at making manuals for SEGA, learn release schedules.

Is Yakuza coming to an end?

This was in the newest issue of Famitsu, teasing ‘The End’ to the Yakuza franchise? Maybe its just teasing what the upcoming title will revolve around. Maybe it will have destructible environments?

It could be anything, I just hope that SEGA does not pull a Hideo Kojima with this series and start teasing the same promises with every title (wasn’t his last MGS title like 3 titles ago?).

We shall see at TGS next month. How exciting.

[Thanks: Suzuki Yu]

SEGA goes crazy with “Lilpri”

Above is the new 15 second TV spot for their Lil Puritsu arcade game, which is a card game where the user purchases the cards and scans them into the game.

Obviously the game is not aimed at us at all, its a little girl game. Hit the jump to see the second advert showing a little Japanese girl playing the game, how exciting.