Aliens vs Predator coming to PSN?

So i’m flipping through the manual of Vanquish, looking for whatever I can find. I look at the back to see if there is more artwork and see this AvP ad. I didn’t think much at first, then I saw that it was ‘Available To Download On Playstation Network’.

So I went to the Playstation Store and checked, it isn’t on there. I guess it will be on there and they rushed it to printing. So, fair warning, if you want a digital copy of the game, its coming. If you work at making manuals for SEGA, learn release schedules.


2 responses to “Aliens vs Predator coming to PSN?

  1. Same ad and situation with the 360 version.

  2. George says:

    I asked a few owners of the 360 version and they didn't check. Humm good to know.

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