iPad Chu Chu Rocket is FREE today only!

Chu Chu Rocket for the iPad is FREE today courtesy of AppAllStar. AppAllStar offers a free app every day and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.  The iPad version of Chu Chu Rocket has an exclusive mode where by everyone plays VS. each other on the same iPad touch screen.

Chu Chu Rocket is one of the best party games ever made and to pass it up for free would be FOOLISH… FOOLISH.

Go download it quick!


One response to “iPad Chu Chu Rocket is FREE today only!

  1. upsidedown fuji says:

    That's nice and all but where's our console release? Not everyone owns or wants to own an i-anything. 🙂

    Still pretty cool. Just bitter there still isn't a quick and easy port on XBL/PSN yet. What gives?

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