Yakuza 5 avatars hit US PSN – Could the game be releasing soon?

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While we await news of when SEGA will be releasing Yakuza 5 to the West, avatars for the upcoming game have recently hit PSN. Could this mean a release date is nearing? Those who have followed SEGA of America’s digital releases in recent years should be well aware of the fact that the company will release and announce the release date of a game on the same day, with the only real indicators of an upcoming release being things like PSN avatars being made public. While this is all speculation on our part, the fact that SEGA has quietly released these avatars for the upcoming game must mean something… right? In the meantime, enjoy a cool Goro Majima avatar for just .49 cents.

See all the avatars after the break.

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Sonic 4 Episode 2 XBOX avatar items now available!

Face it, your avatar looks like crap. It needs something, like a Tails hoodie or a miniature Snowy the Polar Bear. Well SEGA and Microsoft want you to look your best for when Sonic 4 Episode 2 releases, so they’ve released a ton of new avatar items for you to play with! The new items include: An item monitor hooked up to a SEGA Genesis, complete with a Sonic 4 Episode 2 game case and cartridge for you to play, male and female logo shirts, male and female Sonic and Tails branded hoodies complete with ears and spikes on the hood, a half-pipe special stage for your avatar to run in, Tails and Metal Sonic plush dolls, a badnik buddy two pack, a Metal Sonic mask, a Flicky capsule toy and a full body Tails suit. If you have an XBOX account, you can head on over to the online store now to see samples of these items in action. The item monitor and Genesis console item has an especially funny animation. After the break, a gallery of all the goodies!

Check out some Guardian Heroes wallpapers and avatars

Fans of SEGA’s up and coming Guardian Heroes can look forward to multiple avatars to select from. The publisher will be releasing costumes and items based on all the main characters from Treasure’s SEGA Saturn classic. If that is not enough for fans of the title, SEGA will be giving out a SEGA Saturn T-Shirt for 80 Microsoft Points.

The publisher has also released multiple wallpapers for people to appreciate the art from the game. SEGA is looking to release Guardians Heroes is set to release next week on the 12th October internationally exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade. Click on the link below to check out all the goods available for purchase and download.

[Source: http://blogs.sega.com/2011/10/05/guardian-heroes-avatar-items/ ]

How to get an avatar to show up for your comments

A few people have been asking me how did I get an avatar to show up in the comment section. Actually, I should have probably posted this awhile back, we are using a 3rd party site for this. Gravatar is a site that allows you to change your avatar and it work with other blogs (SEGA Blog, Sonic Stadium).


  1. Go to www.gravatar.com
  2. Sign up (make sure you sign up with the e-mail you use to post here)
  3. Post away.
(Note: It takes awhile for your new avatar to show up)

Gravatar uses your e-mail to choose the avatar. So if you use the same e-mail on another wordpress blog, it will show the same avatar. So lets fill in those avatar spots, no excuses.