Sonic 4 Episode 2 XBOX avatar items now available!

Face it, your avatar looks like crap. It needs something, like a Tails hoodie or a miniature Snowy the Polar Bear. Well SEGA and Microsoft want you to look your best for when Sonic 4 Episode 2 releases, so they’ve released a ton of new avatar items for you to play with! The new items include: An item monitor hooked up to a SEGA Genesis, complete with a Sonic 4 Episode 2 game case and cartridge for you to play, male and female logo shirts, male and female Sonic and Tails branded hoodies complete with ears and spikes on the hood, a half-pipe special stage for your avatar to run in, Tails and Metal Sonic plush dolls, a badnik buddy two pack, a Metal Sonic mask, a Flicky capsule toy and a full body Tails suit. If you have an XBOX account, you can head on over to the online store now to see samples of these items in action. The item monitor and Genesis console item has an especially funny animation. After the break, a gallery of all the goodies!


5 responses to “Sonic 4 Episode 2 XBOX avatar items now available!

  1. sonicplayer says:

    i am not going to lie; the tails plushy is freaking adorable, oh and it says it has a draw string, so im assuming it talks maybe

  2. Well, you gotta be excited about it! Otherwise whats the point?!

    Disney comic artist Carl Barks had this to say on the exclamation mark:

    “The editors never told me why all the sentences had to end in exclamation points, and I never asked, but I can think of three good reasons. One: not enough writers knew how to punctuate correctly, so the exclamation points simplified the chore to a foolproof system. Two: the exclamation point gave any sentence a seeming importance. Three: engravers making plates from the artwork were less likely to etch out an exclamation point. They could see it was something the artist had put there. A period they could mistake for something a fly had put there.”

  3. Crispy Turtle says:

    Wow, I bought the Tails hoodie for my avatar, and holy crap, it’s so cool! All of my friends are jealous. 😉 I gotta love it! I am not displeased with this new pack coming out.

  4. Tom says:

    the hoodies and outfits aren’t on the UK avatar marketplace, are sega fixing that soon?

    i really want a tails hoodie D:

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