Attend Blind Spot’s Turbo-kun 30th Anniversary Live Streaming Show on August 23rd

Blind Spot, a band lead by former members of the S.S.T. Band, will be performing for Turbo-kun’s 30th Anniversary during a live stream this Sunday, August 23rd at Shiodome Blue Mood, Tokyo
from 2 PM JST to 5:30 PM JST. Tickets can be purchased within this link for 3,000 yen (approximately $30 in USD & 23.91 in Euro). The band will consist of:

Masato “Turbo-kun” Saito: Bass
Koichi “Mickey” Namiki: Guitar
Kimitaka “Harrier” Matsumae: Keyboards
Shoji “Rally” Morifuji: Keyboards
Yoshinori “Sonic” Imai: Drums
Guest Guitarist
Chizuru “Claris” Segawa

If you’re also into viewing other SEGA related music performances on the same day, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi will be hosting an online dinner show at 19:00 JST (6 AM EST, 5 AM Central, 3 AM PST) on YouTube for free.

SEGA Sound Team reunited as Blind Spot

SEGA Sound Team (aka S.S.T. Band) has to be one of the best live bands that SEGA ever had, yes better than Crush 40 and they are back! The full band is together and is now performing under the name “Blind Spot”. Probably due to some copyright issues, but who knows.

Here is the set list for their first show.

  • Theme [Space Harrier]
  • Soup Up [Rad Mobile]
  • Like the Wind [Power Drift]
  • Blue Moon [SDI]
  • Outride A Crisis [Super Hang-On]
  • Beyond The Galaxy [Galaxy Forge]
  • Thunder Blade ~ Burning Point [Thunder Blade]
  • After Burner [After Burner]
  • Magical Sound Shower [Outrun]
Here are a couple of youtube videos of the band practicing. So if you live in Japan and they are playing a live show, show up. Support the band!
[Thanks: Spencer]