Total War Shogun 2: Campaign Trailer

Sega sure are releasing a lot of great trailers today! Four new Valkyria Chronicles 3 trailers, two must see Yakuza Of the End trailers and now it is the turn of Total War: Shogun 2.

Another game that just keeps looking better, Shogun 2 is set to be the pinnacle of strategy gaming in 2011. With a return to the roots of the series, not only with the setting and era but a return to the sword based combat which made the series so great to begin with. This makes many Total War fans very happy, including myself!

The game has been refined in many areas not least the multiplayer mode which has really been fleshed out for the first time in a Total War game. The Multiplayer section of Shogun 2 could easily be a stand alone game. In multiplayer you build your own general and compete to be the ultimate ruler of Japan, the Shogun! At the end of each month the overall winner is given the golden shogun armour for bragging rights. Only one person in the whole world may wear this per month! Sounds fun!

Shining Force Central – Save our Series!

The long running Shining Force fansite known as Shining Force Central run by the biggest Shining Force fan there is ‘Moogie’ has sprung into action with a new campaign to convince Sega and/or Camelot to give us a new Shining FORCE game in the classic style for next years Shining Forces 20th anniversary.

Who better to introduce the idea then Moogie herself?

Hit the jump for what she had to say on the matter!

NiGHTS fans start a campaign

You guys all know I fucking hate camping and anything with the word camp in it, but I love great SEGA games to come back, even as a port. The boys and gals over at have started a campaign to get NiGHTS into Dreams ported to XBLA and PSN.

Why are they all serious about this now? Next year is the 15th year anniversary of the Nights franchise. They even launched its own website to show that they are serious, go to  Looks better than this site, fuck!

Think this is a bad time to start our campaign to port over NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams to the PS3 and 360?