Sonic Generations Lost CG Intro – now with clean footage!

Back in January of 2012, I shared a video I had put together which featured all the existing Sonic Generations CG footage. As many Sonic fans know, the game lacked a proper post-title screen CG intro, instead only offering up the same modern and classic Sonic footage seen in the initial teaser trailer for the game. By sifting through various trailers, commercials and promotional event videos I put together the most complete collection of CG Sonic Generations clips. Following the Marza Animation Planet story posted yesterday, I checked out the Marza website and discovered a cool thirty second clip featuring both Sonics running through City Escape and Rooftop Run. Unlike past videos, the clip was crisp and uncut, so I worked the improved footage into my old compilation video and present the revised version to you. Enjoy!

Sonic Generations Lost CG Intro

Leading up to the release of Sonic Generations, a number of trailers appeared showing various CG footage. Fans assumed that all of these elements would combine to be the game’s CG intro, however when the game released the only CG featured was the initial teaser footage of classic and modern meeting in Green Hill. I’ve combined all the CG elements that I know of into an extended “lost” intro. Enjoy!

Update: Revised the video to include a bit of new footage found in a Japanese commercial.

Phantasy Star Online 2 – Opening CG and Trailer

Last night Sega held two Phantasy Star Online 2 “Fan Briefings” where members of the development team including ‘Dragon’ Sakai took to the stage in Akihabara Japan to revealed new details about PSO2. Fans who could not attend the even, like you and I could watch it on USTREAM.

The above video is the opening CGI movie of PSO2, hit the jump to watch a trailer for the game which includes lots of gameplay recorded from the USTREAM video so quality isnt the best.

Note the remixed version of the original PSO theme music ‘A Whole New World’ playing during both videos.