Sonic Generations Lost CG Intro

Leading up to the release of Sonic Generations, a number of trailers appeared showing various CG footage. Fans assumed that all of these elements would combine to be the game’s CG intro, however when the game released the only CG featured was the initial teaser footage of classic and modern meeting in Green Hill. I’ve combined all the CG elements that I know of into an extended “lost” intro. Enjoy!

Update: Revised the video to include a bit of new footage found in a Japanese commercial.


2 responses to “Sonic Generations Lost CG Intro

  1. Adam Duffield says:

    That is surprising seeing how well the City escape cgi transitions into the Spangonia cgi; Dunno what happened there 😛

  2. Shigs says:

    Well done Barry! I always wondered what happened to this footage and why it was not in the full game?

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