Marza Animation Planet’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock gets a new trailer

Marza Animation Planet (the guys that did the awesome Night of the Werehog) and Toei Animation have released a new trailer for their upcoming film Space Pirate Captain Harlock. The film is being directed by Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed and Halo Legends) and has a pretty low budget of 30 million dollars, regardless of budget the trailer looks impressive. Also Anime News Network states that this is Toei Animation movie, yet Marza Animation Planet is still listing it on their site. Odd?

The film is set to come out in the west this fall, debuted in Japan last week. Excited yet?


5 responses to “Marza Animation Planet’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock gets a new trailer

  1. betablocker says:

    30 Million is a fairly high budget for an animation.
    It is extremely high budget if you factor in the fact that it is Japanese.

  2. Deefy says:

    SuperExcited, George, but two things: I WANT a SEGA GAME adaptation(not that there’s much hope), possibly by Yakuza Studio(impossible); on the other hand
    honestly I liked it a lot more the very first trailer, the “pilot”.

  3. CT says:

    Maybe marza just helped out a little bit?

  4. RT says:

    Toei owns the rights to the Harlock franchise. Marza was contracted by them to animate this movie.

  5. Radrappy says:

    I would wager that marza helped animate the film in conjunction with other animation studios. I would be surprised if they produced the whole film on their own.

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