Dawn of War III announced with teaser trailer – game to release in 2017

Dawn of War III, a new entry in the highly acclaimed Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War series, has been officially announced today. Dawn of War is a sci-fi RTS set in the far future of the Warhammer universe and is not to be mistaken for the fantasy setting Total War: Warhammer which is in development at The Creative Assembly.

The trailer, which seems to be mostly CGI but possibly features some in-engine cut scenes for good measure, highlights some of the massive units and factions in Warhammer 40k’s universe of never ending war. The video is accompanied by the following description:

“Step into the nightmare of brutal galactic warfare with the Dawn of War III worldwide announce trailer!
Watch the battlefield come to life, and death, as you’ve never seen it before as Space Marines, Eldar and Ork slip ever deeper into the darkness of endless war.”

It will be interesting to find out if this new installment is similar to the original Dawn of War, with its more traditional RTS play style, or Dawn of War II which is more similar to Relic’s other highly acclaimed RTS series Company of Heroes.

Dawn of War III will release some time in 2017.

Want a New English Trailer for Marza’s Captain Harlock Movie? Well Here You Go

UPDATE: So this trailer keeps being taken down from Youtube. If the video above gets taken down again you can watch it here on Dailymotion.

If you weren’t sure yet if the Captain Harlock movie Marza Animation Planet is working on is actually coming to the west, a new English trailer got leaked yesterday from the site of the company that does the marketing for the film in the west. This trailer shows two and a half minutes of footage, mostly with a very not-Japanese song being played over it. I have to say, it’s looking pretty dang good.

Toei also released a couple of other trailers earlier this year and released a small 30 second teaser earlier this week. Besides this, merch and also a localized version of the script has been leaked, so there may be spoilers on the internet. The Japanese release date is September 7th, dates for other countries aren’t known yet.

Marza looking for an original story

So you think your a writer? You know have a chance to get one of your stories made into a CGI film, by none other than the guys that did “Night of the Werehog”.

Exciting? Click here to see all the rules and how to apply!

[Thanks: Suzuki Yu]