New details emerge for upcoming Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games

A recent SEGA Sammy Holdings Inc. report has revealed new details for the upcoming Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games. First up, Jet Set Radio will see an open world setting and will allow players to make friends, increase their fans and “create a movement”. Fans speculate that this is a nod to the recently revealed news that Jet Set Radio is likely to be an online “games as a service” title. It is likely the friends you make will be real, and the fans you make are either other online players or the amount of graffiti you leave around town will increase your popularity and in turn your street cred. The in-game graphics show Beat in addition to returning characters Cube and Gum, who were also in leaked artwork earlier this year.


Up next, Crazy Taxi gets some new details with mention of the new setting: Crazy City. Despite promising “innovative and fresh style driving action”, little is said about what exactly is innovative. The game does look nice, however, with blue blue skies and some very SEGA looking graphics.

Both games appear to be in an early state, as they lack key art and new logos. Speculation is that these titles are still a few years out.


2 responses to “New details emerge for upcoming Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games

  1. xBattedPond says:

    That’s Combo, not Cube, friend.

  2. Zoyous says:

    Wish it was high res – I want to have some new JSR wallpaper!

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