Nuckles87’s PAX EASTer Egg Hunt

See Shigs, I can do puns to!

Greetings, SEGAbitters. This Nuckles87, talking to you from PAX EAST. Today, I would like to announce a little contest I’ll be running while I’m at PAX: an easter egg hunt. In this case, the easter egg is me, or more specifically, my 3DS’s Mii. You have to street pass me with your 3DS!

My Mii is a rather portly fellow in a blue shirt wearing a pirate hat, named Alex. He greets you with the SEGAbits web address, so you’ll know it’s me! More details below the fold.

Crush3D out tomorrow, exclusively being sold at GameStop

Well, I predicted that this game was going to fail and it seems that SEGA also predicted it. It was supposed to be out this past Tuesday and it went missing in action. Now, all of a sudden SEGA says on twitter (as a reply, mind you) that it’s coming out tomorrow. Wow. No blog post? Press release? Alright.

@ShaunNorton @sega Is Crush 3D a GameStop exclusive now? Also, when is it coming out?

@nron10 @ShaunNorton Out tomorrow exclusively at GameStop for $19.99!

I guess it isn’t all bad, since the game is going to be $19.99 instead of the usual $39.99. At least you save 50%!


Looks like Crush3D might be delayed a week

Did you know that Crush3D was supposed to drop yesterday? Usually SEGA ships games on the day of release and they don’t get to retailers till the day after. Usually today, but reports are flooding in that the game might have been delayed. Again, SEGA is basically sending this game out to get murdered since they haven’t really posted news about it at all. Great job on this one SEGA, could have at least taken 20 seconds out and posted something on twitter.

Not only that, Gamestop has the game listed for the budget price of $19.99, not the regular $39.99. If SEGA can promote it on their social services at least that it’s a budget title game, it might get some people to go out and buy it. But a success? We’ll see.

Crush3D – Story Trailer

Here’s the story trailer for Crush3D, a remake of Crush for the PSP, now on the 3DS. The game seems to have had many changes since the first release on the PSP. The game boasts a new art direction, the story seems to be slightly different and there appears to even be some new levels in the mix.

Crush was met with much praise from critics when it released on the PSP but didn’t fair as well sales wise, let’s hope it can find a better reception on the 3DS because it was a cracking game!

Crush3D – Tutorial Trailer

Confused about how Crush3D works? Check out this Crush3D tutorial trailer.

If you didn’t already know, Crushed first released on the PSP in 2007, the critics raved about it but the game did not sell as well as it should have, which is sad because it’s such a great and unique game. I’m glad that Sega are giving it another chance and I think the 3DS is perfect for Crush3D because of the ‘crushing’ and ‘un-crushing’ nature of the game. Let’s hope that it can find better sales on the 3DS.

Gamespot presents Crush3D preview

Gamespot has gotten their hands on Crush 3D at SEGA’s recent pre-E3 event in Santa Monica, and their impressions seem generally positive. Aside from a brand new (much brighter) art style, Crush 3D will feature a new story and enhanced levels, which were apparently fixed based on fan feedback from the original. Despite the new story, main character Danny will return from the previous game. Though Crush3D has been made more accessible, Gamespot claims that it continues to be a challenging, but satisfying, puzzler. Surprisingly, they also state that turning the 3D on makes little difference.

Though it’s looking a bit more like an enhanced remake than a full-on sequel, it’s a game that not a lot of people played (myself included) so hopefully it finds a bigger audience this time around.

Crush 3D will be released for the 3DS September 6th in North America and on the 9th in Europe.

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