Crush3D out tomorrow, exclusively being sold at GameStop

Well, I predicted that this game was going to fail and it seems that SEGA also predicted it. It was supposed to be out this past Tuesday and it went missing in action. Now, all of a sudden SEGA says on twitter (as a reply, mind you) that it’s coming out tomorrow. Wow. No blog post? Press release? Alright.

@ShaunNorton @sega Is Crush 3D a GameStop exclusive now? Also, when is it coming out?

@nron10 @ShaunNorton Out tomorrow exclusively at GameStop for $19.99!

I guess it isn’t all bad, since the game is going to be $19.99 instead of the usual $39.99. At least you save 50%!



4 responses to “Crush3D out tomorrow, exclusively being sold at GameStop

  1. -nSega54- says:

    Hopefully Rhythm Thief isn’t given such awful treatment by Sega. Thankfully though Rhythm Thief is being published by Nintendo over in Europe, so at least we can expect some effort to sell it over there, and Rhythm Thief looks so promising.

    In North America, though? I’m scared that yet more new IP from Sega will bomb due to a complete lack of effort.

    This? Well, I hate the new art style, but I’m sure it’s still a good puzzler. Oh well.

  2. HELLO says:

    If SEGA knew this would not be a huge success, then who’s idea was it to make the game in the first place? I don’t get their plan when it comes to the 3ds. SEGA have a library of ips waiting to be unlocked on a new console such as this, but they keep releasing games SEGA fans didn’t really ask for. Even with Shinobi, although a good game, wasn’t nearly as a good game it should have been.

  3. Aaron says:

    My question is, what is with Gamestop getting all these exclusive releases all of a sudden?

  4. Geed says:

    I wasn’t going to pick this up at first at $40 since I already had it for my PSP but for $20, I’ll take it and give it some play.

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