Nuckles87’s PAX EASTer Egg Hunt

See Shigs, I can do puns to!

Greetings, SEGAbitters. This Nuckles87, talking to you from PAX EAST. Today, I would like to announce a little contest I’ll be running while I’m at PAX: an easter egg hunt. In this case, the easter egg is me, or more specifically, my 3DS’s Mii. You have to street pass me with your 3DS!

My Mii is a rather portly fellow in a blue shirt wearing a pirate hat, named Alex. He greets you with the SEGAbits web address, so you’ll know it’s me! More details below the fold.

After you street pass me, all you’ve got to do is take a picture of our grand meeting and send it in. Your Mii must be in the picture, but once you send it in, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win three free games: Shinobi, Sonic Generations, and CRUSH3D for 3DS.

Also, if you street pass me more than once, you can send in another picture for every new street pass, increasing your chances of winning! You can enter your pictures via either the comments section below or by PMing me on the SEGAbits message board.

Only people with an American or Canadian address can enter, as the games are region locked.


4 responses to “Nuckles87’s PAX EASTer Egg Hunt

  1. Shigs says:

    Bah! You call that an Easter pun?! Everyone knows I’m bunnier than you and tell the best yolks. You could leave an Egg-citing remark, but you’ll probably PASSOVER it. XP

  2. Barry the Nomad says:

    Easter puns passover Nuckles head. If he wanted, I could have LENT him a few of my own puns.

  3. nuckles87 says:


    You are all horrible people, I don’t like you, and I’m running away to join the circus! Stupid puns…

  4. TartarusReaper says:

    Oh, damnit. I think I got you as a Street Pass visitor on the 6th but, just fast forwarded through everything because, SO MANY PEOPLE. Man, I can’t believe how many Street Pass hits I got that day.

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