C-Smash VRS announced for PlayStation VR2 – demo available March 23, 2023

The teaser site for the mystery SEGA game has unlocked, and as expected it is a follow-up to the original NAOMI arcade and Dreamcast game Cosmic Smash. Titled C-Smash VRS, the game is a VR reimagining of the original game and is set to release on the PlayStation VR2. A demo will be made available on March 23, 2023 and at the moment it is unknown if the game will remain digital or if a physical release is in the works.

SEGA News Bits Live: Cosmic Smash VR & Knuckles

On this SEGA News Bits Live, Barry has some beef with action figure scalpers! Also, Cosmic Smash is apparently back as a VR game, plus a quick look at the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection.

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SEGA creates CSVRS teaser website and social accounts – possible Cosmic Smash VR reveal?

UPDATE: Since SEGA shared the news, England based VR developer Wolf & Wood quote tweeted SEGA’s tweet with an eye emoji and the #csmashvrs hashtag. While they are not confirmed to be the developer, it seems pretty obvious that they are developing the game. Wolf & Wood’s VR titles include Hotel R’n’R, The Exorcist: Legion VR and A Chair in a Room: Greenwater. Their games have released to platforms that include PSVR, SteamVR and Oculus. You can check their website out here!

Several social media accounts for a SEGA project titled CSVRS have appeared, directing users to a teaser website (csmashvrs.com) with a countdown clock ending 20 days from now. The teaser site for CSVRS presents trippy music over a grid of circles with different images appearing within, including eyes, tunnels and a game of Pong being played.

All signs point to a revival of Cosmic Smash, the Japanese arcade and Dreamcast exclusive game from Sega Rosso. The name “CSVRS” points to it being a VR game. Worth noting, SEGA of Japan has not teased this yet, so it is possible it is a SEGA Europe creation much like how SEGA Hardlight handled a sequel to ChuChu Rocket!.

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