C-Smash VRS announced for PlayStation VR2 – demo available March 23, 2023

The teaser site for the mystery SEGA game has unlocked, and as expected it is a follow-up to the original NAOMI arcade and Dreamcast game Cosmic Smash. Titled C-Smash VRS, the game is a VR reimagining of the original game and is set to release on the PlayStation VR2. A demo will be made available on March 23, 2023 and at the moment it is unknown if the game will remain digital or if a physical release is in the works.

Now, I have to comment on one thing. The game looks lovely, great design and sound. The gameplay looks simple, but stylish and pure. But it seems SEGA is pushing Cosmic Smash as “iconic”, and I have to say… as somebody who was there for the entirety of the Dreamcast’s lifespan and followed obscure titles like Cosmic Smash, the original was anything but iconic. I’m not trying to bash the original game, but nobody saw it as iconic. If anything, it was an obscure little hidden gem that was import friendly and a bit of an oddity thanks to the see through DVD case they used to package the game. It was short, but sweet. If it had released to the west, it would have been a budget title. It is very cool to see the IP revived, but let’s not go crazy calling it “iconic”. Now Rez, there was an iconic game.

We’ll be sure to share more on C-Smash VRS as we hear it!


6 responses to “C-Smash VRS announced for PlayStation VR2 – demo available March 23, 2023

  1. Mac User says:

    Now this is cool.

  2. Sk8 Again says:

    this is a game made by yu suzuki in the shadows. the original game name was vrsus. you can still find it on youtube. vrsus was made during shenmue 3 development.

  3. Sk8 Again says:

    this is vrsus its predecessor from yu suzuki.

  4. Deefy says:

    Perhaps not really iconic, but it’s one of my favs Dreamcast game, and despite being simple and immediate (I would say very arcade), both on the graphic and sound side I would define it “cult”.
    And anyway a lot funny.

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