Sky Sanctuary Gameplay Video

CVG has a preview up for Sonic Generations. Along with it, comes this gameplay video of Sky Sanctuary, with its lush graphics, great remix of the original tune and the giant Death Egg looming in the background. How can you not be hyped for this game?!


Mike Hayes Interview, A Sega fans Pillow talk!

I really cannot sing Mike Hayes praises enough, not only did he transform Sega Europe from one man with a screw driver into one of the best divisions of Sega, but now hes taken over the whole of Sega West and he is saying all of the right words in this latest interview with CVG!

Do yourself a massive favour and check out the first half of this interview, It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to any Sega fans face. The second half of the interview will be out tomorrow.

Check out part one of the interview right HERE!

Hit the jump for some choice quotes.