Contest: Enter “The Cave – Face Your Fears” on Facebook and Twitter to win The Cave swag!


To celebrate the first of October, a date in which many shift their focus to things that go bump in the night, we’re kicking off a week long contest in which we’ll be giving away goodies from SEGA and Double Fine’s The Cave. Set to release to iOS on October 3rd, the iOS version of The Cave touts enhanced touchscreen controls. Up for grabs is a The Cave branded soft iPad case and a complete set of The Cave action figures. Two lucky winners will get their hands on these exclusive items, and the how to enter is simple:

To win the The Cave iPad case, follow us on Twitter and tweet us the answer to this question: “What is your greatest fear?” followed by the hashtag #SEGAbitsFYF

To win The Cave action figure set, like us on Facebook and reply to the cover photo image (simply click the cover photo and write a comment) with the answer to this question: “What is your greatest fear?”

We’re accepting entries until October 8th, so you have one week to enter. Winners will be selected based on their answer, so be creative!

Interview: Ron Gilbert, industry legend and Director of The Cave


Continuing our The Cave coverage, which we will hereby refer to as “The SEGAbits 2013 Cave In” (or not) we have an interview with Ron Gilbert provided to us by SEGA. Double Fine’s The Cave, available on several digital platforms and releasing to iOS on October 3rd with enhanced touchscreen controls, is an adventure game in the vein of the LucasArts classic Maniac Mansion. Ron Gilbert is the man behind many LucasArts classics as well as the The Cave.

The Cave is coming to iOS this summer

It’s sort of weird, SEGA listed the mobile version of The Cave to be shown at E3 and our guys didn’t see it there.  What we do know is that it is coming out this Summer.

Well, it seems that TouchGen was shown the game and said that they are changing the ‘console’ controls to ‘touch to move’, which isn’t that big of a deal considering that only the console versions had platformer like controls. I played it on PC and it’s basically a point and click game, so ‘touching’ instead of pointing and clicking will be the same basic thing.

The Cave was also announced awhile back for the Ouya, the  $99 dollar Android console. So I’m assuming SEGA is also working on an Android port for phones and tablets along with the Ouya release. We did a pretty nice review of the game over here, if you want to check it out.

The Cave coming for free on Playstation Plus later this month


SEGA’s joint game with Double Fine Productions (Brutal Legends, Stacking) and Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion, The Secret of Monkey Island) will be free for Playstation Plus owners later this month. So if you already got a Playstation Plus account, this should be welcoming news to your ears. This is for US Playstation Plus members, Europeans are getting Mass Effect 3 and Dead or Alive 5 for free (so I don’t think they will be crying).

Don’t know if you’d like the game? Read our review! You know, we do those, right?

Review: The Cave

How could I not be excited for The Cave when SEGA was publishing, Double Fine was developing, and the man behind The Secret of Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert, was behind this title? Now that I have finished the game, was it everything that I expected it to be? Were my hopes too high? Read on and find out.

Double Fine and SEGA title revealed to be “The Cave”

SEGA’s latest partnership with a third party developer ought to get a few fans excited, as Double Fine will be teaming up with the Blue Skies developer to develop a 2.5D adventure. The game will allow players to take control of one of seven characters, all with their unique abilities and story. Being headed by Ron Gilbert, the title is set to take players into the Cave, which happened to be a talking cave earlier in development, a talking cave that has tried its hand in dating. If that has interested you, head over to Destructoid for further information on the game. It is set to be available for Playstation 3, Xbox360 and PC with a release date sometime in 2013.

SEGA publishing new game by Double Fine Productions

SEGA’s Twitter has recently posted a mystery image on Flickr, seen here, of a forest setting with a chunk missing from the image and a question mark. Clearly they are teasing a new game, but what game could it be? Well, we shared the initial image on our Facebook page, and a kind reader by the name of Marius Theßeling speculated that the art matched the style of Ron Gilbert’s unannounced upcoming game from Double Fine Productions. And sure enough, it matches up! We simply grabbed the image from SEGA’s flicker, and dropped in all the character art from Gilbert’s blog onto the image. Just like a puzzle, an image came together and you can see the completed image above. So it’s official: SEGA is teaming with Double Fine to publish a game! Sorry if we ruined the surprise, SEGA. But all the pieces were there.