Swingin’ Report Show #71: Phantasy Star Online with Susan Arendt & James Mielke

Dreamcast Month comes to an end at SEGAbits with a special episode of the Swingin’ Report Show podcast in which we celebrate one of the most memorable Dreamcast games – Phantasy Star Online.

Joining Barry and George on this episode are two gaming industry greats! Taking a telepipe to the Pioneer 2 is Susan Arendt – Managing Editor of Joystiq.com, former Editor-In-Chief at The Escapist, and former contributor to GameShark, Shojo Beat Magazine, and Wired. And back from busting a blue rappy it’s James Mielke – Founder of BitSummit, former Editor-In-Chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly and 1UP.com, and former producer at Q Entertainment and Q-Games.

Join us for a special round table looking back on PSO, from pre-release hype, to launch, and memories of the many versions and episodic sequels. As a bonus, James reveals that he has an army of super soldiers and he shares some inside info on where Phantasy Star Online 2 is at in English translation and what may be holding up a Western release.

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Classic SEGA Magazine Corner: EGM May 1991

Continuing an article series started by SEGAbits writer MadeManG74, I present another classic SEGA magazine: Electronic Gaming Monthly Number 22, released May 1991. SEGA and Sonic fans of course recognize May ’91 as the month before Sonic the Hedgehog hit stores. American magazine EGM joined the hype wagon and gave Sonic his own cover and a two page preview spread. Check out the article that was, most likely, the first real preview many had seen of the now classic SEGA series!