Classic SEGA Magazine Corner: EGM May 1991

Continuing an article series started by SEGAbits writer MadeManG74, I present another classic SEGA magazine: Electronic Gaming Monthly Number 22, released May 1991. SEGA and Sonic fans of course recognize May ’91 as the month before Sonic the Hedgehog hit stores. American magazine EGM joined the hype wagon and gave Sonic his own cover and a two page preview spread. Check out the article that was, most likely, the first real preview many had seen of the now classic SEGA series!

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Note the incorrect release date, guess the game got a last minute date change. That, or EGM got their facts wrong.

Obviously EGM was playing a beta, as the zones have yet to be given their final names. Clock Ork Zone sounds like something from a steampunk Lord of the Rings.


The SEGA Game Gear had just released a month before the magazine hit stands, although the US release was initially limited to NYC and LA, as evidenced in this ad:

My Sonic vs. Mario article received a fair share of “Oh please Barry, don’t bring up SEGA vs. Nintendo rivalries! It’s so ’90’s!”, but just check out that ad. SEGA fans gotta love it. “If you’re still playing with Game Boy, it’s time to grow up.” Yes, rivalries can get nasty, however they also promote competition which leads to innovation. Innovation leads to better games and hardware which in turn is good for video game fans. I’d rather see SEGA going against the competition and trying to best them than shaking hands with plumbers. You know how dirty plumber hands are?! They touch toilets!

Speaking of competition, remember the race to have the CD add-ons? This article takes a look at the upcoming (and eventually canned) CD add-ons:

New games with MUSIC!? CD quality music!? Let me catch my breath. but seriously though, back then that was totally awesome.


  • EA’s James Pond for the Genesis sucks now and it sucked then. It received scores of 4/4/3/6 (EGM featured four reviewers, each scored out of 10)
  • The rumors column hints at Phantasy Star 4 possibly being in development, the SEGA CD hitting stores by Christmas ’91, SEGA working on an action/puzzler with polygon graphics called “Bonanza Bros.” and SEGA seemingly swiping the rights to Midnight Resistance
  • The Mega Drive (Japan import) was selling for $179.99, the Genesis for $169.99. Game Gear was also $169.99.

Stay tuned to SEGAbits and SEGA Memories for upcoming SEGA books and magazines! I have a small stack I’ve yet to get through, but trust me when I say that they’re worth the wait.


6 responses to “Classic SEGA Magazine Corner: EGM May 1991

  1. That says Clockwork Zone, not "Clock Ork Zone".

    Other than that, this was an interesting look back.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Oh sweet beans

  3. @ Emmett

    Check out the screen of the zone intro screen to the right of the EGM copy, the in-game title is totally missing the "W"

  4. MadeManG74 says:

    Thanks for keeping the feature alive! Great find too, a magazine this old and in good nick is rarer than hen's teeth. Always cool to see previews of such old games.

  5. Wilhelm says:

    I wonder if a beta is available on a rom?

  6. Autosaver says:


    The last magazine to show Nintendo backing out on the CD plan and making the Play Station brand. 😮

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