Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Impressions and Photos!

SEGAbits forum member ezodagrom has been lucky enough to participate in the Phantasy Star Online 2 alpha, and he was kind enough to share some excellent photos and impressions in our forums. Regarding gameplay, he had this to share:

When it comes to gameplay, I only played as a Force, and when compared to PSO and PSU, Forces are much more fun to use now in PSO2, mostly thanks to the ability to charge techniques, being able to combo techs in the middle of normal attacks, the dodge teleporting skill, and being able to switch between the normal camera and TPS style camera.

When using the Gunblade weapon, instead of using the dodge teleporting skill it uses the Hunter step dodge, but now the Hunter step dodge is much more balanced than in the first alpha. There’s a delay between dodges, plus after the dodge the player is forced to “walk” for a few seconds before he goes back to running. Not only the step dodge can’t be spammed like before, running now covers more distance than trying to spam the step dodge.

In addition to his thoughts on gameplay, ezodagrom also talks about controls, music, graphics, framerate and has a number of images to share. Check out his impressions and images in our lovely forums!

The Dreamcasts Legacy and Sega’s Reputation a Decade on

As we are all celebrating the birthday of our beloved Dreamcast (R.I.P), I was browsing our great and wonderful forum and came across a pretty interesting take on the Dreamcast’s short but sweet life. The post, by our forum member R.O.J.M takes an interesting look at the lasting legacy the Dreamcast era has had on the minds of Sega fans and gamers today.

You may or may not agree with the post, but I think it is worth giving it a read none the less.

Check out R.O.J.M’s post as well as my take on the matter after the jump: