SEGAbits forums get streamlined with new board categories

Whoa! Talk about exciting news! Long before the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Discord, the SEGAbits forums were the backbone of the community. Since 2010, the forums were where the SEGAbits community clicked over to when game announcements hit or company news broke. As the years went on the forum community grew and grew… and then shrunk thanks to the advent of social media and chat applications like Skype and Discord. Still, we are proud of the dedicated community that have stuck with the forums and love the work from users like Berto who continues to do a stellar job maintaining yearly topics collecting every SEGA, ATLUS and indie games planned for release.

In an effort to streamline the forums and make them easier to use in the current climate of the internet, we have decided to merge our Classic SEGA, Modern SEGA and Non-SEGA Gaming boards into one General Gaming Discussion board. We have also kept Everything Else as the go-to board for any non-gaming discussion. We do hope our forum users like the changes, and any suggestions can be shared in our feedback board.

Want to join the forums, or just lurk around? Visit the SEGAbits forums today! Hey, it’s not like SEGA is bringing their forums back anytime soon.

SEGA migrating their official forums, shutting them down temporarily

segaforumsIf you didn’t know, SEGA has official forums that have been open since the late 90s. I know a lot of people that have grown up chatting about SEGA via these forums, even me, your humble SEGA news writer started out the site by meeting people on this very forum. I’m not lying when I say that these forums mean’t a lot to many people. According to Sonic Community Manager Aaron Webber, the forums will be coming to a close as they plan a move from Vbulletin software to a new database. Aaron didn’t give a ETA on when you can expect them back.

Hit the jump to read his comments:

SEGAbits Forum Member’s Round Table: SEGA AM2 Memories


SEGA AM2 Month has come to an end, and before we move onto February’s developer we wanted to look back on fond memories we have of SEGA’s most iconic and prolific developer. Usually the SEGAbits round tables involve our writers and contributors, but this week we thought we’d give up our seats to our loyal forum members! Of course, we promised the best entries SEGA 3D Classics codes, but to our surprise several forum members shared their memories despite already owning all the games or not having a use for them. What am I saying, of course this wasn’t a surprise. If there is one thing all SEGA fans excel at, it’s sharing fond memories of their favorite games and developers.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Impressions and Photos!

SEGAbits forum member ezodagrom has been lucky enough to participate in the Phantasy Star Online 2 alpha, and he was kind enough to share some excellent photos and impressions in our forums. Regarding gameplay, he had this to share:

When it comes to gameplay, I only played as a Force, and when compared to PSO and PSU, Forces are much more fun to use now in PSO2, mostly thanks to the ability to charge techniques, being able to combo techs in the middle of normal attacks, the dodge teleporting skill, and being able to switch between the normal camera and TPS style camera.

When using the Gunblade weapon, instead of using the dodge teleporting skill it uses the Hunter step dodge, but now the Hunter step dodge is much more balanced than in the first alpha. There’s a delay between dodges, plus after the dodge the player is forced to “walk” for a few seconds before he goes back to running. Not only the step dodge can’t be spammed like before, running now covers more distance than trying to spam the step dodge.

In addition to his thoughts on gameplay, ezodagrom also talks about controls, music, graphics, framerate and has a number of images to share. Check out his impressions and images in our lovely forums!

SEGAbits Forum Member ribbitking17 Trolls Black Friday, SEGA Style

While waiting in line outside a Best Buy for Black Friday, SEGAbits forum member ribbitking17 was interviewed by the local news. Was he getting the latest in gaming consoles? Hell no! He wanted something much better:

“This year I’m getting it all. I’ve been saving up, I’m getting it all. I’m getting a TV for my moms, I’m getting all three gaming systems. I’m getting a PlayStation, Nintendo Gamecube, SEGA Dreamcast. I’m getting an LG washer and dryer for my grandma and grandpa. I’m getting it all this year.”

Check out the video to hear which consoles ribbitking17 surely now has in his hands, at doorbuster prices no less.

The Sega Forums Return

Yep the official Sega forums are finally back online after a very long time, a month maybe? The blog is yet to return but I suspect it’ll soon be up too.

The blog and forum went down after some douche bag hacked into PlaySega and attempted to steal usernames, passwords and other personal information. Luckily Sega were on the ball and had personal information stored as an encrypted code of some kind. As a result of this the forum passwords are no longer linked to the PlaySega accounts so you will need to reset your password before you can post again.

So yeah, go forth and complain about not getting Shenmue 3 and Sonic’s eyes, mouth, spines, colour or shoes.

SEGAbits Forums Updated!

The SEGAbits forums have been changed over to SMF. I worked hard on this you guys better be happy! I mean this should be a huge upgrade from that broken theme =P Anyways yeah… new forum software means new theme.. so tell me what you think! I personally like it, I think it’s easy on the eyes and relaxing.

Oh and let me know if you run into any issues / have any issues. I tested pretty extensively, but something could still pop up.

SEGAbits gets forum and comment changes

When we launched SEGAbits last year, one thing I wanted was to link the forums with the front page comments. There was a bit of an issue with this, we needed a plugin to get this work done. There was one out there and it was called WP United. The issue with this plugin was that it was buggy, the guy that created said that he would be fixing it in the near future and release a new version. Last update? 10 months ago.

This plugin stopped us from adding other plugins to wordpress or even updating it to the most secure version. I have been in talks with our site admin, Shadiwulf to get rid of the plugin. One of our writers members accidentally updated wordpress recently and resulted in a broken site. This meant that we had to get rid of the plugin sooner than I wanted.

So what are some changes?

Custom Ulala Vinyl Toy is Out of This World!

SEGAbits forum member Ulala5 created this awesome custom vinyl figure of Space Channel 5’s Ulala! To create it she used a kidrobot Do-It-Yourself Mini Munny vinyl figure, acrylic colors, a pen and of course her imagination. Very awesome! I could easily see a number of Jet Set Radio characters being possible with this shape. Check out Ulala5’s blog for more photos of the figure!

To quote Space Michael: “Thank you, Ulala.”

Forum member gets hands on with Shenmue City

Our forum upsidedown fuji has been playing Shenmue City since it launched yesterday. Yes, the lucky, sexy bastard lives in Japan and can take advantage of Japan virtues like living in the same island as Yu Suzuki and playing his games. While the rest of us hit F5 on the YS NET website waiting for Western announcements.

Enough of my bitter attitude, if you want to read his thoughts on the social game, click here.  Don’t be scared of signing up for an account, we don’t bite. Who knows, could save your life.