Twelve minutes of NiGHTS into Dreams… HD!

Jeff Beckham, Digital Brand Manager at Sega of America, stopped by Gamespot’s live show to present 12 minutes of NiGHTS into Dreams… HD gameplay. Ignore the dumb host, who seems to know next to nothing about SEGA’s Saturn classic, and soak up the lovely HD visuals. Take note that the menu screen mentions “Presents” and has a few blanked out menu options. Looks like we’ll be getting Christmas NiGHTS integrated into the rerelease. Hooray! No price is set yet, but Mr. Beckham makes it sound like fans will be pleased with the price point. If it’s anything like other SEGA Heritage releases, it’ll be $10. Thanks to reader celsowm for the heads up!

Gamespot presents Crush3D preview

Gamespot has gotten their hands on Crush 3D at SEGA’s recent pre-E3 event in Santa Monica, and their impressions seem generally positive. Aside from a brand new (much brighter) art style, Crush 3D will feature a new story and enhanced levels, which were apparently fixed based on fan feedback from the original. Despite the new story, main character Danny will return from the previous game. Though Crush3D has been made more accessible, Gamespot claims that it continues to be a challenging, but satisfying, puzzler. Surprisingly, they also state that turning the 3D on makes little difference.

Though it’s looking a bit more like an enhanced remake than a full-on sequel, it’s a game that not a lot of people played (myself included) so hopefully it finds a bigger audience this time around.

Crush 3D will be released for the 3DS September 6th in North America and on the 9th in Europe.

[Source: Gamespot]