Twelve minutes of NiGHTS into Dreams… HD!

Jeff Beckham, Digital Brand Manager at Sega of America, stopped by Gamespot’s live show to present 12 minutes of NiGHTS into Dreams… HD gameplay. Ignore the dumb host, who seems to know next to nothing about SEGA’s Saturn classic, and soak up the lovely HD visuals. Take note that the menu screen mentions “Presents” and has a few blanked out menu options. Looks like we’ll be getting Christmas NiGHTS integrated into the rerelease. Hooray! No price is set yet, but Mr. Beckham makes it sound like fans will be pleased with the price point. If it’s anything like other SEGA Heritage releases, it’ll be $10. Thanks to reader celsowm for the heads up!


12 responses to “Twelve minutes of NiGHTS into Dreams… HD!

  1. Orta says:

    That menu is directly pulled from the PS2 version. I suppose we’re getting the gimped version where there’s no two player mode or Sonic and Robotnik on Christmas Nights. The question marks are likely Christmas Nights and galleries of artwork/movies.

  2. radrappy says:

    I thought from the first screen shots we had pretty much confirmed it was the ps2 version. Also, even though it doesn’t have 2player or sonic into dreams, it’s still the definitive version by far.

    • I guess a positive way of looking at it is that it makes the Saturn originals still worth playing, as not EVERY feature has returned.

    • radrappy says:

      absolutely. Plus, with the updated models and environments, a lot more people will be introduced to the game. I love the saturn version but I can see a lot of people passing based on the visuals alone (even though it’s an impressionistic masterpiece)

  3. Dubba814 says:

    My dreams have been blown away with awesomeness. 😀

  4. Don says:

    OMG! He should let someone else play on the video… Anyway, as for the 2P mode well….it might be in there. I got the PS2 version and it has it. We can only wait.

  5. ShadiNeko says:

    I’m loving how clean the graphics look, can’t wait.

  6. Hmm the menu does look like the PS2 version but the graphics are HD. It looks like it will play and look just fine.

    The fact NiGHTS is finally coming out to the west again without having to port a limited edition box is great. Great on the wallet and great on the potential sales. 😀

  7. JuMeSyn says:

    Looks really neat. Will it be released on STEAM?

  8. SaturnineNights says:

    Does anyone think this reviewer sounds like a jackass? I realize that selling the latest franchise installment only requires the most general, bare-bones exclamatory remarks about how “awesome” the new chainsaw-rocket-pistol is, but some degree of journalistic ability would be neat.

    • Radrappy says:

      yeah he was also trying to get the sega rep to admit journey of dreams wasn’t so great. I love it when journalists do that. . .

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