Yakuza hostess voting – First Week Results!

It’s the moment no ones everyone’s been waiting for! Week one results of the Yakuza 5 hostess results.

The results are as follows,

1. Satomi Tateishi – She could get revenge!

2. Haru – She took second place with her enigmatic charms.

3. Ai Sakura – The Agejo maid is in in third place.

4. Yuka Ohnishi – She was apparently cheered on by soccer players. Yuka is a soccer coach.

5. Saaya Kawai – A nail stylist who loves the Yakuza series.

So there you go… One step closer to knowing who we’ll all be fapping over in Yakuza 5.

-Stolen from SegaShiro


2 responses to “Yakuza hostess voting – First Week Results!

  1. Suzuki Yu says:

    lol , actually my vote was for Satomi Tateishi

    good news XD

  2. This is tough…

    #1: Looks like she likes to have a good time and share in a laugh. Seems pretty cool, nice smile.

    #2: Looks sweet, digging the hair color. Probably really likes Pocky.

    #3: Uh-oh! She looks naughty! Probably into those dirty things that I hear about only being popular in Germany and Japan.

    #4: Her mouth is too small, but I won't judge her based on that.

    #5: Seems a bit lost, but I'm sure that's a turn on. Not for me. I like a girl with direction.

    Winner: All of them. Party at my place!

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