SEGA Tunes SEGAbits Staff Spotlight: Kori Maru

“Hello SEGABits readers! I’m Kori-Maru, admin of The Website of the Dead. Some call me one of the more “hardcore” Sega fans out there for my extensive knowledge of Sega’s games and my love for HotD. I would like to share some of my favorite SEGA tunes with you guys and my experiences with them. Let’s start out with…

Four SEGA titles make IGN’s list of “so bad it’s good” voice acted games

If there’s one thing I know a thing or two about as a SEGA fan, it’s wonderfully bad voice acting, and apparently Adam Sutton at IGN Australia feels the same way. The article’s a tribute of sorts to games with voice acting so bad that it actually enhances the experience, and SEGA’s all over it: 4 of the 10 games, in fact. Hit the break to see which games made it.