8 minutes of Daytona 3 Championship USA arcade gameplay

Arcade Heroes continues to release Daytona 3 Championship USA information from IAAPA 2016, this time offering up over 8 minutes of footage of the game in action! The video gives us a good look at how races play out and how the player facing cameras function. We also get to see damage to the cars and the car’s reflective surfaces. For more information on Daytona 3 Championship USA make sure to read the preview over at Arcade Heroes.

Get a first look at the Daytona 3 Championship USA arcade machine


The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) 2016 conference kicks off this week, and while the conference starts today the floor show doesn’t open until tomorrow. In the meantime, attendees can see exhibitors setting up their booths which means we get sneak peeks at new arcade machines. Daytona 3 Championship USA is probably the biggest reveal at the event, so it only makes sense that we get a leak. Thanks to Arcade Belgium, we have a look at the 8-seater setup of the game. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t running and the photo isn’t the highest quality, so we can’t see the game in action and are unable to confirm if the AM2 logo appears on the machine. I did notice that in the lower left of the machine there are what appear to be sponsor logos, and one kinda-sorta looks like the AM2 logo, but there’s no way to tell from this photo. Also, it is worth noting that recent AM2 games did not feature the studio logo on the machine. Fans shouldn’t fret, however, as we had learned from a reliable source that much of the original Daytona USA team worked on the game.

More information, including a trailer, should be hitting soon!

SEGA Amusements reveals Daytona 3 Championship USA logo, teases more to come


The official SEGA Amusements Facebook and Twitter pages, which you really should follow, have just posted the official logo for the recently revealed arcade exclusive Daytona 3 Championship USA. While we’re still iffy on the name (doesn’t Daytona USA 3 Championship sound better?) the logo looks great and, based on the layout, it does sort of read as Daytona USA 3 Championship. Anyway, minor nitpicks aside, it is great to see more official assets and SEGA Amusements promises one week to go before the official reveal at IAAPA 2016. Here’s hoping more teases release before then. Of course a trailer would be what we’re all hoping for. More info as we hear it!

After the break, check out how the new logo compares to past games in the franchise. Thank you Daytona International Speedway for never updating your logo.

It’s official! SEGA Amusements confirms the all new Daytona for arcades!


Following yesterday’s rumor of a new Daytona USA comes confirmation from SEGA Amusements that Daytona is indeed back! The official SEGA Amusements twitter account shared an animated gif showing 1994’s Daytona USA, 1998’s Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge and for 2016 the above graphic showing the all new Daytona. The game will be playable at the IAAPA trade show in Orlando, and is set to hit arcades at an unknown date.

While we previously speculated that this could simply be a rerelease of SEGA Racing Classic with the Daytona license back in place, and that is not impossible, the way SEGA Amusements is teasing the new game with the first and second really makes this appear to be the third game in the series. It also appears that the name is simply Daytona, as evidenced by the graphic above and the Daytona hashtag. Had the name been something like Daytona 3 or the rumored Daytona Reloaded we probably would have seen PR using such a hashtag already.

So who is excited for Daytona’s return? At what level will this game be? A full third title or a rerelease of SEGA Racing Classic?

Rumor: SEGA Amusements revealing a new Daytona USA game titled Daytona Reloaded


Via Arcade Heroes comes a juicy rumor that is sure to excite longtime SEGA arcade fans. IAAPA 2016, the arcade and amusement industry trade show, is a few weeks away and arcade companies are sending out press releases for what that have planned to showcase. We’ve already learned that SEGA Amusements plan to show off reworkings of Operation Ghost and Let’s Go Island, but the press release also mentions “… a showstopper video game, to be officially announced next week.”

According to Arcade Heroes, at the AAMA (American Amusement Machine Association) Gala it was said that SEGA plans to bring back Daytona USA with a game titled Daytona Reloaded. Could this “showstopper video game” be that rumored game? We’ll wait and see what SEGA Amusements announces this week, seeing as the press release went out last week. Fingers crossed!

SEGA Amusements announces Target Bravo: Operation Ghost, a new Ghost Squad arcade game


Via Arcade Heroes comes news of SEGA Amusements’ lineup for IAAPA 2016, the biggest arcade and amusement industry trade show. Headlining what SEGA Amusements plans to have on show includes a new entry to the Ghost Squad series entitled Target Bravo: Operation Ghost. The game is described as a new two-player game which sees players sitting in a 55″ theater cabinet. The game features new weapons, gadgets and equipment as well as the ability to start at any stage in the game.

Given Target Bravo: Operation Ghost contains the Operation Ghost name, which was the 2011 sequel to Ghost Squad, it is likely based on the title and description that this is a reworked version of Operation Ghost with a stage select, new items, a sit down cabinet and possible graphical enhancements being what sets it apart from Operation Ghost. So while this is not likely the true third game in the series, it is very cool to see SEGA keeping the franchise alive.

After the break read SEGA Amusements’ press release for Target Bravo: Operation Ghost and learn about what other games SEGA has to show at IAAPA 2016