Project Draco is basically Panzer Dragoon Kinect?

When Project Draco was announced last year at TGS, everyone in the press, including us, thought it was meant to be the spirtual successor to Panzer Dragoon. Not only did the game sound like Panzer Dragoon, a rail shooter with Dragons, but it also had Yukio Futatsugi (known for his work on Panzer Dragoon games) leading the project. It seemed that Microsoft wanted to kill our hopes by saying the game had nothing to do with Panzer Dragoon. But how does it play? We find out this year, since it was shown in playable form for the first time.

“This is totally Panzer Dragoon Kinect. Yukio Futatsugi, who you may remember from Phantom Dust and Panzer Dragoon, is heading up a new team called Grounding Inc., and has brought together various team leads from the former Team Andromeda for this one.” – Says

So they already had Yukio Futatsugi, but they are making a team and getting more lead members of Team Andromeda (who did Panzer Dragoon series)? Even though I think the new art style is inferior to the older Panzer Dragoon games.

The game will let players ride up to 5 dragons, have over 150 secondary skills and will have multiplayer (support up to 3 players). Not only that, the game awards the players who get high scores with rare food that you can feed to the dragon to level it up.


6 responses to “Project Draco is basically Panzer Dragoon Kinect?

  1. Trippled says:

    I like how Vibrant the Graphics look.

  2. crazytails says:

    sucks that sega’s not behind all this. I dunno I feel weird about it but that doesn’t say anything about the game itself. It might probably be just as magical as the panzer dragoon series

  3. Suzuki Yu says:

    as i said before this game looks exactly like panzer dragoon.
    this game was the reason i bought Kinect in the first place.

  4. It will be tough to accept Panzer Dragoon that’s not really Panzer Dragoon, and not sega. This may be enough for me to buy a Kinect, though.

  5. Sharky says:

    I dunno, I absolutely love Panzer Dragoon, the world, setting, atmosphere… But this DOES NOT look like Panzer Dragoon to me. Not in the slightest.

  6. DCGX says:

    It probably can’t. This isn’t being made by SEGA right?

    This finally gives me a reason to use my Kinect again (until Child of Eden drops a little more)!

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