Yakuza series producer: “In my personal opinion, Kiryu is a virgin”

Thanks to a series of translated interviews with Yakuza series directors and producers, specifically one with Masayoshi Yokoyama, we learned that in Yokoyama’s personal opinion the series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu is probably a virgin. Yokoyama has long been involved in the Yakuza series, being in charge of script, sound direction and stage direction for all the numbered games as well as Kenzan and Ishin, and has been a producer since Yakuza 5.

The translated interview, which can be read in full here, touches on Yokoyama’s approach to the characters and the inspirations he takes in portraying them. When it comes to Kazuma, Yokoyama mentions that Kazuma is probably a virgin. While this is just his own opinion and is not official in any way, the notion went a long way in the development of the character. Yokoyama also cited that this what if scenario is a fun discussion one could have at a bar between friends who are fans of the Yakuza series. [WARNING: Yakuza 1 spoilers!]

SEGA and Atlus Japanese creators talk 2017 ambitions

SEGAATLUS2017CREATORSTALKSEGA and Atlus Japanese creators where a part of a series of interviews conducted by the Japanese website 4Gamer, in where they listed their favorite games of 2016 and what they thought 2017 held for them as creators. The SEGA and Atlus Japanese creators that were included in the interviews included:

  • Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza series general director)
  • Masayoshi Yokoyama (Yakuza 6 chief producer)
  • Mizuki Hosoyamada (Puyo Puyo series general producer)
  • Shigeo Komori (First Production director at Atlus)
  • Kazuyuki Yamai (First Productiong director Atlus)

As a bonus, they even have Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who left SEGA over a decade ago but with the re-release of Rez Infinite it seems he can’t completely cut his ties with the company. If you didn’t know Rez Infinite is considered by many to be one of the best titles on PlayStation VR, so the game has gotten extra attention from mainstream media. Which of course is fantastic since he is a great creator.  You can read what games these SEGA and Atlus Japanese creators liked in 2016 and what they hope to accomplish next year, read it all after the jump.

[Source: Gematsu]

SEGA shows off Tokyo Game Show 2016 stage schedule

Sega-TGS-2016-Stage-ScheduleSEGA is now showing of their Tokyo Game Show 2016 stage schedule. The games they are listed to be showing off at Tokyo Game Show 2016 includes Yakuza 6, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Puyo Puyo Chronicle, and more. The schedule also includes games by WB and EA which SEGA is helping bring over.

Hit the jump and see the long list of SEGA Tokyo Game Show 2016 schedule, with set times and where to stream them.

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Yakuza 5 developer interview part 2: Hostess Clubs and more

Just over a month later, we get the second of three developer interviews where Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi and Yakuza 5 producer Masayoshi Yokoyama are asked questions by Playstation’s Gio Corsi. In this interview the people behind SEGA’s gangster brawler are asked about what inspired the hostess clubs in the game and how they came about to design the series protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, amongst other questions. It’s been a long time coming, but it seems almost surreal we live in a world where Yakuza 5 has finally be localised and Shenmue 3 has been kickstarter, what a time to be alive.

With only one more interview left, let’s hope that we’ll hear a solid release date soon. Yakuza 5 is set to launch for the Playstation 3 this fall, get ready to crack some skulls and manage some idols.

Playstation does a Yakuza 5 interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi and Masayoshi Yokoyama

Its been a long journey for us Yakuza fans, I’m seriously surprised at the cult fanbase the franchise has garnered in the West. I have been pretty much into the Yakuza series since I heard about the first title, since it reminded me of a 3D Streets of Rage brawler mixed with RPG elements. After the sales failure that was Yakuza 1, I never thought we would really get a chance to play another entry in the west, guess what? We are literally in our 5th release (6th if you count Dead Souls) in the West and this one sets to conclude the journey.

The developers talk about their goals with the series, basically about how there weren’t many games that where aimed at an adult Japanese audience specifically and how that was the birth of the franchise. Check out the intereview and make sure to pick up Yakuza 5 this fall on Playstation 3.

First Yakuza: Ishin details revealed by Famitsu


Even though Yakuza 5 only came out 8 months ago over in Japan, SEGA is already teasing the next title in the franchise, Yakuza: Ishin (Ishin apparently translates to Resurrection). So, why not just make Yakuza 6?

“In terms of volume and quality, we felt like we did everything we could with Yakuza 5. If I had to put it out there, I’d say that if we want to do another numbered title in the series, we’ll need a little time for that.” – Toshihiro Nagoshi, director of Yakuza series

Like we told you when the game was first revealed, you will take the role of a real life historical figure, Sakamoto Ryoma. The game will take place in mid 19th century Japan during the final years of the shogunate ruling.

Just like in history, Sakamoto was born into a low ranking Samurai clan known as Tosa fiefdom. Ryoma gets frustrated with the strict caste system, so him and his friend Takechi Hanpeita form a political group to reform the government and resist the rapid Westernization that is taking place in Japan at the time. The villain the the game? Saito Hajime, leader of the Shinsengumi group of samurai that are loyal to the shogunate.

Yakuza & Phantasy Star developers love Heavy Rain

Sony’s big budget story driven game gets love from SEGA’s Masayoshi Yokoyama (Yakuza 4) and Satoshi Sakai (Phantasy Star series), who confess that it is their favorite game released last year. Not only that, Sakai adds that he also enjoyed Call of Duty: Black Ops and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Atsushi Inaba (from Platinum Games) said his favorite game last year was Mario Galaxy 2. I always keep on forgetting that the game came out last year. Just seems like it’s older!

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