The SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show LIVE: Williams-Bally-Midway Arcade History with Ken Horowitz founder Ken Horowitz returns to the Swingin’ Report Show to talk about his newest book: From Pinballs to Pixels: An Arcade History of Williams-Bally-Midway! We take a look at the origins of pinball, how the industry grew out of Chicago, how the Williams company transformed over the years to become a console game developer and we talk about SEGA’s two brief entries into the pinball biz!

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Swingin’ Report Show #82: Interview with Brian Silva of Visual Concepts, Midway, Accolade and more!

Video game designer and voice actor Brain Silva joins us on our latest episode to discuss his work on Bubsy and Bubsy II, Floigan Bros., Hydro Thunder, and H2Overdrive as well as many other games created during his time at Accolade, Visual Concepts, Midway, Blizzard Entertainment and Specular Interactive. Brian also discusses several unreleased games including Hydro Thunder 2 for arcades, Congo: The Secret of Zinj for Genesis and SNES, and Floigan Bros. for the original Playstation!

Brian currently works at Specular Interactive, having helped create the arcade titles H2Overdrive (Hydro Thunder‘s spiritual successor), Project HADES, Dirty Drivin’, and Batman. Learn more about Specular Interactive by checking out their website.

Also, make sure to check out Brian’s website where you’ll find some excellent design docs for Floigan Bros. and Crank the Weasel.

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