SEGA Astro City arcade machine model from Wave now available for pre-order

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.27.38 PM

Japanese toy and model import site Amiami has just listed Wave’s upcoming SEGA Astro City arcade machine model for pre-order. You might remember Wave produced the excellent Hang-On arcade machine model late last year. This new 1/12 scale model features the iconic Astro City (a refined version of the Aero City) multi-purpose arcade cabinet from 1993, complete with stool, game marquees and corresponding game visuals for the screen. Head on over to Amiami to place your pre-order, as the kit releases very soon – July 2016.

After the break, check out a gallery of images of the tiny Astro City cabinet!

SEGA gets Korean model to promote MLB Manager Online

SEGA has picked Hong Soo Ah, a Korean model to promote their popular MLB Manager Online web game. A representative said:

“When men and women of all ages think about baseball, the number one celebrity to come to mind is Hong Soo Ah. We chose her as the model because we believed her to suit the position considering the love she receives for her unique passion for the sport of baseball.”

This deal is obviously for Korea, since I doubt Americans know who she is, and I doubt many would think of a small Asian girl when they think of baseball. No, we think about hot dogs and steroids.

[Source: Allkpop]